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I have a hard time with names. Unless I interact with people on a constant basis I tend to forget their name (although I never forget a face). It doesn’t have anything to do with disinterest; I think it’s just how my brain works. Some would say that my brain is too busy storing important information such as the origin of the color muave or how many awards The Godfather movie won (even though I’ve never seen it) to remember such plebian things such as names. Who am I to argue?
But I also have a hard time thinking of names for characters. Everything I think of sounds horrible to me, especially Sci-Fi/Fantasy names. I’m fine with reading about someone else’s character named Mort Doorlock but if I were to use it I would cringe every time I typed it. Real names aren’t much better. 
I also have this fear that every character I come up with is me. This is why I prefer to use a role playing game system to come up with actual attributes. The further I keep things from being me the better off we all are.
Recently in the NaNoWriMo forums someone posted a topic about listing “5 Interesting Things” about yourself. I tried to do this. I really did. I sat there and thought about it for ages (if you want to know why there’s a large gap between this update and the last one…) and, finally, I gave up. I figured the most interesting thing about me is that I am truly not an interesting person. 
It would be easy to list off the things I haven’t done. The things I have no interest in doing. The things I wish I had done but, realistically, it’s probably too late now. The places I haven’t gone; the things I haven’t seen; the people I haven’t done.
Other people can look behind them and see a vast, colorful, tapestry behind them. I look and see a mostly blank canvas that someone spilled ink on. If there was a Nobel prize for being bland I would be overlooked.
It’s no wonder I’m tired of zombies; I am one. I shamble about day to day doing the same things over and over. I’m not dead, but I’m sure not alive. 
If you find yourself reading this and hoping to get something out of it (honest to God, I don’t know why anyone reads these) then my advice would be to live a little. Get out there, look at something, do something, find someone to talk to. Heed my warning before it’s too late!