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How does one make a lot of money? I think it happens by having money to start with and then knowing someone who writes about financial crap. Then you decide on a company to buy stock in. Let’s say you decide on Wally’s Wonderful Widgets. You call up your friend and let him know. He then pulls an article out of his buttocks about how he doesn’t think WWWidgets is going to do very well.
Wait until the stock plummets then buy as much as you can. Then call up your friend again so he can write another article about how maybe, on second thought, they can be the biggest thing ever. 
Wait until the stocks go up and then sell, sell, sell! I’m pretty sure companies live and die depending on if an analyst had burnt toast for breakfast.
And now there’s thirty-one days until November. It would probably be a good time to start doing any pre-writing work that needs to be done. Luckily I already have a couple of sentences of background stuff down. It shouldnt be long before the NaNoWriMo sites spins back up, if it hasn’t already. Being October the air should start to get chilly, a scent of snow on the air, perhaps. Frosted windows in the morning. 
Not for me, though. I’m in Texas. Chilly around here is about 70˚F. And then people start complaining about the cold. Which is weird, because once it gets up to 90˚F they start complaining about the heat. There’s no pleasing people.
If you are in a colder climate it would make sense to light up the fireplace and start writing while keeping warm. Unless it’s warm everywhere. I don’t get out much.