It looks like I wasn’t able to procrastinate as long as I had planned. This morning I set up a new project in Scrivener for NaNoWriMo 2014 and made some notes about the world and the science. 
I still tend to second guess myself when it comes to the science. My heart knows that it’s better just to settle on something and go with it, but my head is forever looking ahead and wondering just how accurate things may be. I know it doesn’t matter but it isn’t going to stop me from overthinking it.
Unfortunately, it’s easy to go the route of the super-human: immortal, laden with repairing nanobots, knowledge transferred directly to the brain, implants… Hell, I could even make a case for telepathy (imbed a wireless communicator that sends out thoughts that can be recieved by others). It’s all possible but I’m not sure how unlikely it will be.
The problem is that super-humans aren’t that interesting. If there’s no weakness then there’s no conflict. Without a conflict you’ve got something akin to a boring diary. 
Soon I will have an appointment with an apartment manager. This is a woman who won’t take “no” for an answer despite me explaining that I hate moving so much that I’m willing to shop around to find an apartment I’ll really like so I can be stuck there for years without going into a rage. People who try to pressure me usually find that they don’t get very far. Worse, for them, I actually enjoy taking up their time without budging from my stance.
Unfortunately for me, it’s a nice apartment. It has things like a fridge with an ice maker. The stove comes from this century. I can afford it. And it’s much bigger than the space I’m in. It’s also close to where I am now so I’d still know where everything is. And that’s good and bad. I reckon it’ll take a fair bit of willpower to refuse this. Of course, the only reason I don’t want to move there is because I havene’t done a lot of apartment shopping. However, my life is rather strange in that things that don’t always look like the best idea at the time that I manage to fall into work out for the best. Not always, but it does happen.