What does getting prepared for writing a story entail? Mostly it involves doing a lot of things that I’ve been putting off. I sit down to write an outline or jot down ideas and then I remember that I haven’t changed the air conditioner filter. Or that the room needs a vacuum. Or it’s a good time to re-arrange the utensil drawer.
That’s all right, though, because there’s forty days before this thing starts. That’s plenty of time to stuff in some procrastinating. I plan on getting a lot of that in. It’s probably not a good idea because procrastination makes time speed up.
I remember being a kid and thinking how long it would be before Christmas would arrive. It took a damn long time. Why? Because I didn’t have to do anything but accept presents. Go to bed relatively early, wake up stupidly early, open a bunch of presents.
These days Christmas’ speed by like ball bearings on a buttered track. Why? Because there’s stuff to be done. Stuff to be bought, cards to be bought, things to be mailed that I never get to on time anyway. A bunch of things. So time accelerates. Not to mention that I’m getting older and every year that goes by is another year that I didn’t accomplish anything.
Well, that’s a negative thought, isn’t it? Let’s concentrate on something a bit brighter. This year I think I’ll be doing the entirety of my NaNoWriMo writing on the MacBook. I’ve been splashing in the kiddie end of the Apple pool for a while. Granted, I’ve got the laptop and a Mini but I don’t use them a lot. For one, I don’t care for laptops. And the Mini is actually a server and doesn’t need to be touched all that often. Now, though, I have the laptop hooked up to a 4K television and it works really nicely. 
Last year I bounced between Windows, OS X, and Windows RT using a plethora of ‘cloud’ services to try and keep them together. This time I think I’ll just put all my eggs in one basket and work from there. I realize that the saying is ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ is a sort of warning but, really, I think it’ll make my life a lot easier if I don’t have to keep changing font sizes and whatever. Like, you know, whatever!
Sometimes I think about using OneNote or EverNote. I don’t know how to use them effectively, though, so I generally forget about them. Perhaps I should take the next 39 days to figure them out? That would kill some time.
It’s kind of weird to think that there’s a whole bunch of technology that I could be using to do things with but I haven’t gotten around to keeping up with it. I’d like to say that it’s because it isn’t really necessary for what I’m doing. But, really, I think it’s a lack of interest.