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Day 29. The deadline looms ahead. Every word is like a very, very, very tiny step towards the end. I don’t know that I’ll finish today because I’ve got about 10,000 words to go. Add a little extra, just in case the NaNoWriMo site counts words differently. I’ve been up and writing since about 3:30am. It was only recently I remembered to set the daily goal in Scrivener, so that’s going to be a bit short. Well, it ain’t getting written while I write this.

I wrote that this morning. After that, I played around with the daily goal thing in Scrivener. Originally I had subtracted what I wrote from what I wanted to write today. Then, later, I changed my mind and put it back to where it was (I think it was 4,000). Then I kept writing, taking a break every once in a while. I went to the store. I talked to the birds. I removed a cat from the keyboard. Usual things. Then I went back to writing, writing, writing.

Then I approached the 4,000 word goal so I changed it again. I added 500 words. When I got close to that, I used the NaNoWriMo site to figure out how many words I had left, and then I dived that by two. It looked pretty daunting, but I used it. And then I wrote, and wrote, and wrote.

Eventually I got to the point where, if I quit then, I would only have to write the standard 1,667 words tomorrow. But I was on a jag. I had a whole idea I was running with, so I didn’t want to step then. I’d would stop when I finished that part. I was getting close to the end of my story, anyway.

I kept pushing that goal boundary further and further. And then I realized, I didn’t really have a lot left. And I still had the whole ‘wrap-up’ part to write. I was getting tired and hungry, but, I thought, why not push on?

Sometime not too long ago I realized I only had about 500 words to go. 500? That’s nothing! I could totally stop now and write the rest tomorrow, when I was fresh and the day was young. Then weird thoughts started creeping into my head: What if the power went out? What if that comet broke up early and rained fiery death upon the land? What if I put off writing tomorrow until 11:45pm and then forgot to finish it?

Disregarding the fact that I have a laptop and power outages wouldn’t affect anything, I pushed on. I pushed on until I needed a hundred something words. But my story was finished. Oops. So I put the brain to work and managed to eek out a little more. Sure, it’s a bit contrived, but words is words, right?

I finished it. I nervously pasted the entire kaboodle into the story checker. A micro-second later it was there: Winner.

I was excited, sure. Also, very, very tired. I ended up with 50,125 words (or something like that) with 9,827 of them written today. Tomorrow, then, I’ll write the full re-cap.