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Today has been challenging. I cut myself off from the Internet, for the most part. Concentrated on writing. And, still, by the evening I only had 2,500 words written. This is bad. But, at least it’s writing and it is getting done. However, every day that passes by that I don’t meet the minimum required by mathematics is another day behind that I get.

I noticed, too, that word count discrepancies with Scrivener aren’t confined to Windows vs OS X. My laptop version has a different word count than my Mini. And it’s the same freaking document.

Speaking of which, I went to a write in this morning and brought my laptop. I save all my Scrivener things to my Google drive (because I always forget I have a Drop Box account). When I got home, I loaded up Scrivener on the Mini and didn’t have all the stuff I wrote when I was at the donut shop. Panic! Loot!

It turns out, I saved the document and closed the laptop before letting Google Drive sync. Thankfully, after a few minutes I was able to get the complete story, even though the Mini showed me as having written a total of 18 words, not the nearly 800 I wrote while scarfing down a kolache.

I ended up writing over 3,600 words today. The disappointing part is that the official count on the website says I wrote only 1,600 something. I know that’s not true and it’s kind of disheartening. Just because. My total is somewhere around 31,000. Which is more than halfway done, but I still feel like there’s a problem with word count somewhere. And Google Drive won’t sync all the files because it keeps saying there’s a problem with one of them. Yet, I don’t have the same issue on either of the other two computers. It’s all rather frustrating. I may end up creating a new project and copying and pasting everything over manually and see what that does. The thing is, I’d rather concentrate on writing rather than fixing technical issues.