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Wow. Day 20 was a total bust. Maybe 500 words. Just maybe. I’m so tired when I get home, the last thing I want to do is write. I even had a good (I think) idea and tried to work on it but it became physically taxing just to type.

I did, however, get Scrivener on Windows to load my project created on OS X, though. For some reason it wasn’t working but now it is. Rejoice! And, really, I have to say it’s a really great program.

One handy feature is having the notes thing on the side. In my case, I wanted to run my characters through a maze. I went to a website that created mazes, made one, save it as a graphic, then dragged the maze picture into that box. Now I have a handy frame of reference when getting them to go somewhere. I don’t have to worry about forgetting where I put the picture or anything because it’s right there.

But still, I couldn’t come close to making my minimum effort. That makes me sad. I guess I need to figure out a better way of doing something. Or spend entire weekends doing nothing but writing. I’m running out of time, though.

Of course, since I have a deadline that time is flying by quickly. Thanksgiving is coming up next week, which I had forgotten about. And right after that December will spring up and we all know what that means (it means Christmas).

Well, there’s nothing to do but keep on trucking. At least my words left is less than words I have. I’m on the other side of the see-saw now.