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And I find myself falling further and further behind, although today I wrote more than 2,000 words. Part of the problem is that I’ve run out of ideas of horrible things to put my characters through. You wouldn’t think that would be difficult.

Actually, I see a lot of shortcomings in my story: flimsy plot, weak character development, and I’m woefully short of descriptions. That last one is weird for me because for the most part that’s what I do. Actually, this story is full of dialogue which I’ve always felt was my weak point. I suppose I could go back and fill in missing descriptions. That would certainly add to the content and word count, although it wouldn’t push the story ahead.

You never know, though. Adding in descriptions somewhere may trigger an idea for later on. I think I’ll do that.

It’s still a struggle to not give up. I look at what I’ve written and I think, “Wow. That’s really stupid.” Then I think, I should just trash it and, maybe, work on something else. Something with substance. I don’t know if that’s good or bad because the whole reason of writing what I’m writing is because it was a simple story that should have been relatively easy to write. I mean, I’m not going for a Pulitzer or Nobel Peace Prize; just a short, simple, somewhat dimwitted adventure.