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There was a write-in today. Actually two. I didn’t make it to either one of them. I am very tired, thanks to the time change and staying up way later than I should.

I took a couple of different tactics today. For starters, I didn’t eat dinner until I was mostly finished with my writing. This was good, because I wasn’t almost falling asleep while writing.

The other thing I did was skip stuff that I didn’t have anything for. If I couldn’t think of a way to characters from A to B to C then I just skipped over B. It was very liberating. Instead of agonizing over what should be there I can now let myself think about it subconsciously (or in the shower) until something good comes around. I can still write the ‘fun’ bits so it doesn’t seem as much as a chore.

Hurray for me. I am almost 1/5 of  the way there. It’s probably better if I don’t think of it that way, though.

There is another write-in tomorrow night and, if I can get to bed in the next few minutes, I just might have the energy to make that one.

I really have to wonder why WordPress keeps recommending ‘2011 Big East Women’s Basketball Tournament’ as a suggested tag.