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Wow. This has been a tough day. For starters, I made a mistake yesterday: there was no write in yesterday morning. Had I put my faith in Google and actually checked my calendar I would have seen that it was actually this morning. I wouldn’t have been able to make it, anyway, because I went to see my mom for my birthday. So, I apologize for being whiny yesterday.

And it’s a good thing I went because my mom knew just what to give a guy spending a month trying to write fifty-thousand words: a new coffee pot, a sack of candy, and a movie that I shouldn’t watch until I finish.

However, because I was with her for most of the day I didn’t get to start writing until fairly late in the evening. Not until after I fed the cat and birds. And myself. I was kind of tired when I started but I pushed and pushed and managed to get a lot written. At least I made the minimum. Actually, more than the minimum but that’s mostly because I forgot how to count. The current run down is 5,204 words written. This is, officially, the most words I’ve ever written for a single story. And I’m still at the beginning of the story and not quite where I think I’ll have the most fun writing.

I did some ‘on-the-fly’ editing, which is bad. Bad! I need to be more disciplined to be more sloppy. That sounds kind of weird, but it works better. If nothing else, my word count would have been reached a lot earlier if I would just slap my own hand and keep on going instead of trying to fix things.

Oh, I missed the Leander Coffee & Cars, too. I’m not upset about that because the last time I went they coffee place was closed or something. I need my coffee.

There’s another write-in on Tuesday (yes, I checked my calendar) and I believe I can make that one.

I’m tired now and I believe I’m going to go to bed.