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There isn’t any reason to describe my mornings. If you’ve seen Groundhog Day with Bill Murray then you have a good idea of how my day starts. Waking up at 4am with a cat staring at me, feed the cat, feed the birds, shower, shave (sometimes), rinse and repeat. It’s rare that the motions get disrupted.

The mornings are the times when I’m most in the mood to write and when I have the least time to do so. Work tires me out. I would love to know what goes through the minds of the folks at VMWare. I’m not sure they actually think about what they’re doing and it would be wonderful to confirm that. So, anyway, mornings are the best times for me to actually get stuff down on paper.

The Write-In is this morning and I’m getting ready to head on over to that. I’m debating if I should bring my camera with me. I don’t know if people would mind that or not. I suppose if I went in an ‘official’ capacity it would make more sense so I’ll probably leave it behind. I’m pretty sure I’ll be ignored or, rather, unacknowledged because that’s usually what happens. At the very least I’ll get a do-nut because it’s my birthday. Maybe a kolache. And definitely some coffee.


The coffee is good, the donut was good, and the sausage, cheese and jalapeño kolache was awesomely hot. I put down over a thousand words at Shipley’s, but not quite up to the minimum. I’ll work on that later. I was there for over an hour waiting hopefully for other writers to show up. They didn’t. So, when my coffee was done I packed up and left.  After so many years of being me you’d think I’d stop being  hopeful about meeting new people.


It’s been a full day, by golly. Let’s see, after the meet up of one I went to the vapor store and stocked up on more e-cig stuff. I know I said I should smoke tons of cigarettes and drinking scotch while writing my story, but I’m opting to go clean air. I can pretend to be smoking like a fiend, though. After that, I got a couple of filters for the air conditioner. Had I waited another week for that I’d probably have a dead air conditioner. Then there was a trip to the pet store to get more toys for the cockatoo. The nut is going through the things like they’re candy.

I read the tag on one of the toys. I was surprised to see a bit that said to replace the toy if it became damaged. I have to wonder if these people know what they’re making toys for. The whole purpose of bird toys is to be destroyed by a tree trimming beak. By the time I realize a toy is damaged it already looks like an industrial accident at a lumber mill.

Then I went to Starbucks for my free birthday coffee. For some reason I couldn’t use the wi-fi there; evidently they changed things so that you have to watch a sponsored video before you get Internet access. Unfortunately, that video wouldn’t play on my MacBook using Chrome. So I left.

Oh, I forgot. I also took Dimples, the Toxic Challenger, to get washed. The friendly people Armor All’ed the steering wheel and seats, which I was prepared for. What I wasn’t prepared for was having the pedals Armor All’ed. This could have been disastrous as my feet were sliding clean off the pedals.

I got home and wrote some more. I’ve already met my quota for today but I may write more when I get home from taking myself out to dinner.


Dinner was all kinds of awesome. Something called Bistec Ranchero. The people at Tortuga Flats are the best.

Now I’m going to bed.