I spent most of the day figuring I had a few days left for outlining, character generation, and map making. At some point I realized it was Halloween. It may have had something to do with the people walking around work in costume but, really, it’s hard to tell there. Keep Austin Weird and all that. Anyway, Halloween means that it’s October 31st and there isn’t any monthly day higher than that.

That means I’ll be a ‘pantser.’ One of those people who don’t do a lot, if any, planning ahead of time and just jumps in the water and hopes magic water wings appear. I’m not too worried. That’s how I go about most things and usually it turns out well. Or not horribly. Usually.

Scrivener is on the MacBook, since I’ll be lugging it to Write-Ins. This secretly pleases me because the whole purpose of getting the McBook was for Scrivener in the first place. And for writing. I couldn’t very well sit in Starbucks and write my novel without a glowing Apple logo in front of me. I wish, though, that Literature & Latte gave a discount for buying both, the Windows and OS X, licenses as I really like typing on my mechanical keyboard. Using the keyboard makes me feel like I should have a pork pie hat, a bottle of scotch, and an ashtray overflowing with cigarette butts. But it is what it is and it will suffice.

There will be no more game playing or video watching in the mornings before work. It will all be writing and gently removing the cat from my lap when he needs his third breakfast for the half hour.

Saturday will be the first Write-In I attend. It’ll be at a Shipley’s Donuts at seven in the morning. I will try to get myself out of bed for coffee, donuts, and words. I’m sure it’ll be a struggle but considering the rewards I will persevere.

Huh. I can bring back the ‘Writing’ banner from the old trunk I had left it in. I wish I could remember how I made those things.