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I wrote that partial first chapter of Dungeon Crawl and the few people who read it seemed to like it. I kind of like it, too. I know I do because I’ve been writing down notes and bits of dialogue where normally I would have trashed it already. I kind of think it might turn into a story that I would actually finish.

I’ve never finished an actual story. Sure, I’ve got a bunch of short-short stories (or flash fiction or whatever they’re called these days), but nothing of any real length. It’s because of these incomplete ideas that I consider myself a failure. Well, one of the reasons. I would really like to get past my fail-oriented mind and actually finish something. I would never consider myself a writer until I have done that. And bought a hat. And maybe picked up some kind substance addiction, which seems to be a big thing in the famous author world. I’ll put the suicide thing in a drawer, though, because I don’t see that being helpful.

Anyway, in order to spur myself on into writing, and completing, a story I’ve signed up on the NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month). The goal is to write fifty-thousand words, which averages to about 1,666 words a day.

I’ve already got local Write-Ins set on my calendar and I plan to attend them. This gives the dual advantages of not being home being distracted by things like TV, games, and animals and will also get me out of the apartment and possibly meeting people. That’s something that everyone tells me I should be doing.

This is something, I think, that I need to do. My birthday is in a couple of days; I’ve taken yet another trip around the sun and I don’t feel like I’ve ever accomplished anything in my life. I wasn’t going to mention this to anyone so that if I failed to make it nobody would be any wiser but that would create an easy way out. Like most things that are good for the soul and body, pain or unpleasantness is the key. So I’m putting it out there for everyone to know and, hopefully, the fear of failure will keep me on track.

If you’d like to be encouraging, I would welcome that. If anyone does show some kind of interest I’ll try and post updates here about how well (or badly) I’m doing.

Let it begin.