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Yes, I’m old. There are some who would argue that I’m not. They would like to point out that “40” is the new “30” and similar things, but these are people who are roughly the same age as I am. It is, then, in their best interest to get me to not feel old so they don’t have to feel old, either.

They don’t realize that my “old” is different than their “old.” You can be physically older than I am and I’ll still consider you younger than me. My universe is different than yours; get used to it.

I am no longer relevant to this society, to this world. People aren’t marketing things my way; nobody cares what I watch on TV, or buy in the store, or what I click on in cyberspace. I’m past my prime. The funny thing is, it’s people my age and older that run everything.

I know I’m old, not only because on questionnaires my age is listed before the 50-somethings, but because I disagree with just about everything. Nothing is good enough. Nothing is like it was back in the “old days,” which, for me, is the 1980s. And that’s kind of a sad statement.

Aging hippies can proudly point out that they were part of the ’60s, the Peace movement, free love, and all that. Old punks can gleefully light their own kitchen tables on fire and reminisce about the old days of the ’70s with their Sex Pistols and pushing safety pins through their cheeks. I had Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Wall Street brokers with cocaine issues, but a shit ton of bad-yet-entertaining movies.

Time trundles on, though, and I keep step with it. I’m still tech savvy and not confused by new things, even though I may not see the point of them. Like Twitter. I have no idea how to use Twitter. I hate reading through people’s ‘tweets’ because everyone one of them seems like an ad or a re-tweet of something else. I’ve tried to use Twitter, I just don’t get it. Or Vine. I’ve seen two people make interesting use of six-second videos. The rest of what I’ve seen is just stupid.

What would I have been like had the Internet been around in the late 1970s and 1980s when I was growing up? Would these things make sense to me or would I still look at them and scratch my head? I already feel a bit lucky that I had a head start over a bunch of other people but it’s still an interesting thought experiment.