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It’s been quite some time since I’ve last written to the blog. I’m still using the e-cigs, although I used them less frequently than I have been. I can go for a day or so without even realizing that I haven’t used it. In truth, I only remember to use it when I think about how long it has been since I’ve picked it up. Not that there aren’t times when I wish I had a cigarette; there are. I just don’t give in. Some people would attribute this to my incredible will power but, really, it’s just laziness. I don’t want to go out and buy any. Plus, I’m rather proud of myself for not smoking and resisting the urge to smoke.

Back in the old days computers were single-tasking. That meant that you could run your word processor or your spreadsheet or  your calendar or  whatever else. You weren’t going to be using one at the same time as another. Over the years computers have gotten quicker and software companies became savvy and we ended up with systems where you could do more than one thing at once. You can now check your email while you’re surfing the web while talking to someone using Skype (or whatever).

I find it amusing, then, that thanks to cell phones, computers are now going back in the direction of single-tasking. If you don’t believe me, just have a look at the direction Windows is going. Microsoft would prefer you use the “modern” applications which are single use, non-windowed, programs (mostly; yes, I know it’s possible to run two at once but who’s going to go that crazy?).

in other news: I still have a job. I’m also seeing someone so I am no longer alone. Now I can watch and see just how jealous animals get when they’re used to something being one way and then it all changes the other day. Luckily, animals will adapt. I’m sure.

I also still have the Challenger, although the new Corvette is looking mighty good. I’m not all that happy with the Camaro butt they gave it, but it’s hard not to like the rest of it. Performance-wise, it’s a bargain. If you were looking for an honest-to-God-I-want-a-fast-car then you’d be foolish not to look at the 2014 Corvette.

What I haven’t done lately is take the camera out for some photographing. I don’t think there’s any specific reason for this, other than spending time with someone new. The good new about spending time with someone new, though, is that it opens up new opportunities for going out with the camera.

I’ve seen the new 27″ iMac in person and I think it’s a marvel. I haven’t gotten one yet, although I’m sorely tempted. I’m hoping that, with such a beast, I’d be more likely to write and work on it rather than on the Windows (i.e. ‘game enabled’) PC and be less distracted. It’s still a huge out-lay of money, though, on a new computer of which I have more than plenty.

On a positive note, the humble Mac Mini is pulling it’s weight by taking on more roles than just a VPN server for when I end up at Starbucks. It’s actually proving to be quite useful if woefully under powered. I’m hoping an infusion of memory will help with that since it’s limping along with 4GB.