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I’ve decided that Windows 8 isn’t so bad. I’ve actually found it to be amusing, for a few minutes at least. This is what I like to do: find someone who has been using Windows for a very long time. Then sit them down in front of Windows 8 and ask them to shut it down. It will give you quite some time of fun watching this person eventually pull their hair out by the roots. If the person is especially gifted, though, they’ll give up after a minute or two and shut it down from the command line. For people who don’t know that method, though, there’s no telling how long the pain will go on. The same is true for Server 2012, by the way.

I’m not a Windows server expert, but it seems to be that things that were simple in the past are now much more complicated. This is the Microsoft way. It’s complicated enough that I’m considering getting it for the home just so I can figure it out. I think we all know by now that I’m a masochist that way.

I’ve been thinking of prostitution later. Not because I’m thinking of changing my career path, or just because I would have to pay someone to even look at me, but because it turns out that Maine is a hotbed of prostitution. Maybe not the whole state, but at least one town.

This makes me wonder, again, just why it’s illegal. People get paid to do things all the time and I’m just not seeing why sex would be any different. Given the large number of people on the customer list in Kennebunk it seems like it was a popular business that was wanted by quite a lot of people.

I’ve never heard a good argument for it being illegal. Diseases can spread without the help of a hooker. Infidelity is not limited to street walkers. There’s crime all over the place with or without the benefit of high class escorts.

So, if you have a really good idea of why it is illegal (aside from the whole ‘sex is evil’ part) feel free to let me know.

I went to Dime Box, TX last week. You might not have heard of the place. That would be surprising because Dime Box, TX has a big dime. It’s in a box. Pretty clever, actually.

Dime in a box in Dime Box, TX

Stuff to see when you hit the small towns

So, I have struck it from my list of places to see. One down and… Several more to go.

Manor, TX Ghost Town (J. Lorraine)
Bertram, TX Car Part T-Rex
Wimberley, TX Pioneer Town replica
San Marcos, TX Mystery Spot
Dime Box, TX Big Dime in a Box
Kingsland Texas Chainsaw Massacre Restaurant (Junction House)
Waco, TX Mammoth Site
Columbus, TX Confed Museum
Columbus, TX Santa Clause Museum
Columbus, TX Industrial Country Market
Helena, TX Ghost Town
Regency Bridge, TX Suspension Bridge
Hunt, TX Stonehenge II
Banderas, TX Frontier Timex Museum
Thurber, TX Lonely Smokestack
Grapevine, TX Gunfight Glockenspiel
Woodson, TX Bombed by Japanese
Muenster, TX Fischer Meat Market/Glockenspiel
Carthage, TX Jim Reeves
Langtry, TX Judge Roy Bean Saloon
Wink, TX Roy Orbison Museum
Marfa, TX Marfa Lights
McLean, TX Rt. 66 Museum
Valentine, TX Prada Store
Big Bend, TX Park
Adrian, TX Rt. 66 Midpoint
El Paso Hueco Tanks State Park