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I am the most technologically minded Luddite that I know. I’m becoming more and more disenchanted with technological things as each day passes. Mostly, I think people that develop hardware and software have gone completely stupid. Some people may think that’s funny, but I’m completely serious.

A lot of people dump on Microsoft but, really, they deserve it. If you look at the current Windows OS and Office it becomes apparent that what they try to do is make everything as difficult as possible with each new release.

For instance, Windows 8. After years of trying to shoehorn a desktop operating system into small phones and tablets (and failing), they’ve gone totally stupid and decided that they were going to wedge a phone/tablet operating system onto desktops and servers. I can’t imagine the meetings that took place when everyone agreed this was an awesome idea. I can’t imagine that anyone involved wasn’t near-death drunk or just plain stupid.

I was playing with Server 2012 yesterday and my co-worker needed to shut it down. He looked everywhere for the shutdown option. He used the idiotic “Start” screen, after clicking on the server setup icon that’s located where the “Start” button used to be multiple times, getting angrier every time he did it. It wasn’t his fault; muscle memory takes over and after having that button there for so long, it’s just second nature. Did the server info window have a shut down option? No, it did not. He clicked everywhere, looked everywhere, and finally gave up in frustration and pulled the cord out of the back.

Later, I went back and tried to find it because I knew it had to exist somewhere. And I found it: if you hover over the very tiny ‘-‘ that shows up in the bottom right hand corner, and then very carefully move the mouse straight up, and then click on one of the unmarked icons that appear, then you get another screen that actually has the option to shut down the server.

This could only have been designed by a fucking idiot. After decades of a three step process (Start button, shutdown, yes) they made a system that is completely un-intuitive and utterly unlike anything from past Windows systems. The three step process is now five.

And that’s how it is with them. Every new release means making sure, designing, that whatever you want to do is now hidden and more complicated to get to.

And this is completely opposite of what computers are supposed to do, which is makes things easier and less frustrating.

But it isn’t just Microsoft; it’s everybody. You might want to go to a website and look at something really quick but suddenly these windows start appearing to tell you what you can do, or what you might want to do, or what that widget in the corner does. And all the while you don’t care. You just want to read the damn text on the screen but you’re too busy clicking on ‘X’s to get rid of all the annoying crap that comes up. Who thinks these are good ideas? Who thinks, “Hey, you know what people love? Being annoyed to the point where they ready to punch the screens! They love that! We should make sure we annoy the complete shit out of everyone that uses our software so they’ll love us!”

To me, it just looks like it’s getting worse. Every new generation of developer appears to be way more stupid than the last. And understand this: I’m not using the word ‘stupid’ to be funny; I’m using it because I truly believe that these people are brain dead. Absolutely, 100%, have no intelligence whatsoever. I don’t care what kind of IQ rating these people have, they just don’t think. It amazes me that some of the design decisions they make seem like good ideas to them.

In a way, it makes me sad. And angry. Very angry.

In fact, I have a problem at work. I’m supposed to be testing a piece of software that works with our product. I can’t work on this thing for more than five minutes before flying into a rage because it is a piece of garbage. It’s not written well, it’s way too complicated, and it’s nearly impossible to set up properly. And my boss wants me to talk to these people. I’m actually afraid to talk to these people because I have absolutely nothing nice to say about their product. Nothing. I can’t think of one thing that works correctly.

Just for the record, and I understand that I’m just one person that doesn’t amount to anything in the grand scheme of things, but if someone sends me a link to a website and the first thing that happens when I go there is that a window shows up with useless information, then I don’t look at it. I close the tab and never go back.  The same is true with the games on Facebook. I mean, I’m sorry to all my friends and family that want to advance, but, really, I can’t take the constant spam of bothering other people and the screens, and screens, and screens, and screens of crap trying to get me to pay for something. I can understand trying to make money, but that’s not the way to do it. If I went to a store and a salesperson was constantly in my face trying to sell me something I didn’t want how long do you think I’d stay in the store? How often do you think I would go back?

I am so disappointed in the direction technology is going and what people think would be a good idea.