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Nobody has asked me why I haven’t complained about my phone in quite some time. Not that I’m surprised; I generally fly under everyone’s radar. The reason why I haven’t complained is because I ditched my Samsung Galaxy S, overloaded with modifications by my carrier, with a pristine and unladen Galaxy Nexus.

One of the best things about it (aside from it working properly) is that I was upgraded to the newest version of Android, “Ice Cream Sandwich”, after just a few days.

I was about to give up on Android phones after all the problems I had with my last one, but getting one that doesn’t have a lot of carrier-specific modifications has been like using a whole different operating system.

One of the interesting new features of ICS is “Google Now.” What it does, I think, is keep track of everything you do, everywhere you go, and everything you look up on Google. After scrutinizing your life it gives you various ‘cards’ in order to be helpful.

For instance, in the morning it might tell you the weather and how long it will take you to get to work in the current traffic conditions. When it sees that you have a lunch date it will give you an alert about when you should leave to get to the restaurant. Maybe the place is too crowded? A tap will show you other places nearby that you might want to check. If you used Google to look up different places it will show you how long it’ll take to get there. When your day is over you get a card telling you how long it’ll take to get back home.

That’s great for people who have lives. I, sadly, do not have one. The things I see are weather, how long it’ll take to get to work, and how long it’ll take to get home. I think it gets bored with me, to be honest. If I look up anything that looks remotely interesting on Google it’ll waste no time in telling me how to get there. “You sure you don’t want to go to Dave & Buster’s? It’s only ten minutes away!” Sometimes I think it feels so sorry for me it just picks random destinations and asks me if they’re important to me. I have no idea how it picks these places, or what they are. One day I’ll try and make it happy by going to one of those places if just to see what the heck it wants me to see.

Technology. How could we ever get along without it?