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I screwed up. Yesterday was the anniversary of this web blog and I forgot to write this. I’ll write it now and almost make up for it.

If last year was the five year anniversary then that makes this the sixth year. So, what’s happened in the last year?

On a personal note, quite a bit. I’m still alone, still reviled by women anywhere, and still in the same old apartment. However, I have a new job (at which I got promoted already), and tons of new things. Some stuff has stayed the same, while others have changed quite a bit.

One other thing that hasn’t changed is the popularity of this blog, which again begs the question of why I even bother. I wouldn’t have even thought of it but a few days ago I saw a first blog post by a teenage girl and the post was about how afraid she was to make blog posts. It had hundreds of “likes,” views, and comments.

Meanwhile, this piece of crap has been plugging away for six years and I’m lucky, lucky, to get around 20 views a day.

I decided, finally, to leap into the world of Apple and purchased a MacBook Pro. Not that it was easy to do, no. I had to wait about a month for it and even then FedEx tried their best to make me wait even longer. I’m not happy with them, but since they couldn’t do their job and deliver a simple box I went and picked it up.

So I’ve had two days to play with it and I have to say I’m generally pleased with it. I didn’t think I’d be able to type well on the keyboard, but it’s working out well. It’s not too hard to get used to OS X, either.

Probably the most painful part has been getting my own VPN server working right so I can use the open Wi-Fi at Starbucks while I work on my screenplay. Maybe even my novel.

Whatever bad things I’ve said about Apple in the past (which still applies), I have to give massive kudos to their “Magsafe” power plugs. It’s the best thing since individually wrapped sliced cheese.

Otherwise, it’s all life as usual.