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Yes, this is another technical one. Sorry about that, but it’s the only thing I’ve got going on in my life. At least, the only thing I’m willing to talk about.

When we last left our intrepid hero, the network attached storage unit he was using to keep his data safe and sound had bitten the dust. This is still the case, although it’s in worse shape now than it was before.

Netgear support has been entirely unhelpful. Indeed, for the past two (maybe three) days the support specialist assigned to my case has been absent. Did someone step in to fill that void? No. I did get some apology emails, though. However, apologies don’t get me back to having my data safe. So, it’s been five days since I first reported this problem to them. They have been useless. There have been some good points, however; they did call me on a Saturday when I didn’t expect to hear from them until Monday. And also Sunday, which was doubly surprising. I would guess, then, that my support rep works those two days and possibly has Monday and Tuesday off. That’s totally fair. However, if someone isn’t going to be around for two days I would really appreciate a different rep taking over my case.

Which brings us to the next part of this problem. While I may not absolutely need a network attached storage device it has been very useful and handy. Aside from the laughable premise that my data would be safe in the event of a hard drive failure, most of them also work as DLNA servers (that is, I can stream music and video to my phone, XBox 360 and Playstation 3), FTP server, and Time Machine backup things (which I’ll need when I get my MacBook).

Since I have no idea when my current one will be back in working order I feel that I should start thinking about getting another to use in the meantime. This doesn’t thrill me because they aren’t cheap. If you buy one off the rack, so to speak.

I do, however, have leftover parts. In fact, I have a fully functioning computer that is sitting around waiting to leap into action. I could use it to create a NAS device using something like FreeNAS. In theory, I could have something up in running in about an hour. I would, however, still have to figure out how to get my data off the drives. Again, in theory, I could do this. I have the know-how, the tools, and the operating system to do it. I just don’t want to.

Or I could do what I do best: Go crazy. Yes, after working with units that have twelve hard drive bays I realized that I could buy a server case that had 12, 20, or 24 spots to park a hard drive. Yes, with enough 2 terabyte hard drives I could look at a combined storage amount of 48 terabytes. And that would go higher if I put in 3TB or even 4TB drives (4×24 = 96TB!). In one box. That I could service myself if anything went wrong. Oh, it is so very tempting.