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When I got the silver Challenger I was asked by a couple of people what I was going to name it. I didn’t have a clue. I didn’t even have plans to give it a name. Most of the time I don’t bother, unless it’s something that pisses me off regularly and then the name I give it isn’t something I would usually repeat in mixed company. True, the Mountaineer got the nickname, “Battle Wagon,” but that was years after going through all sorts of hell.

Last Saturday I got all crazy and picked up that computer case I wanted. It is a bit larger than I had anticipated. When I was reading reviews of the thing someone had mentioned that the box was big enough for his kid to crawl into. I thought this was some hyperbole, but it turns out a small child probably could fit in there. To put things in perspective, the box is to my cat as my apartment is to me. He wouldn’t be hosting any parties in there, but he certainly has room to move around.

The case itself is tall, heavy, and black. Instead of a plastic face it appears to be aluminum. One word immediately sprang to mind when I gazed at it in wonder: Monolith.

By now you should know, dear reader, that I don’t do anything unless I can justify it to myself. Regardless of what it is; even simple purchases requires days, maybe even weeks, of torturous self-arguing.

The Monolith is huge and expensive and, despite that, doesn’t have the gonzo wild looks of other cases. So, why did I go for it?

First: Because it’s huge. More space means more room for my ham hands to navigate and install things. Also, it’s always nice to have extra room to slap things in there.

Second: Cable management. I would say the majority of people never open up their computers. Also, with laptops and pads becoming the defacto standards there isn’t much reason to do so. I don’t care for laptops and I’m not a pad user; I like my desktops (or towers, as it were). While other people go out and buy new laptops when the old one gets crusty, or wait online for days at an Apple store to get a moderate upgrade to what they already own for twice the price, I (usually) gradually upgrade my computers. This is difficult when there’s a bunch of cables running around and getting in the way. With this case, all the cables get routed underneath the motherboard and then pop-up near where they need to be connected. Like a frolicking dolphin. And, with all those cables out of the way, it’s easy to add more hard drives or change stuff off the motherboard. And it should give less places for dust to accumulate.

Third: It’s got spots for lots of fans. I’m crazy about fans. Not because I’m a hardcore overclocker, just because I’m scared to death something is going to get way too hot and burn up.

Fourth: It’s got hot-swappable hard drive bays in the front. This means that when I decide to add more hard drives I won’t even have to go into the case. Just pop a drive into the front like a cartridge and I’m good to go. With my new found knowledge of RAID and LVM, they may really come in handy, too.

This should be the case to last me for another five, six, or more years so I’m fairly happy with that.

Now it’s a matter of filling it up.