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When I decide to go looking for a recipe, AllRecipes.com is usually the place I end up at. I like the site; it’s been a mainstay for many years. I find it best to ignore the reviews, though. I don’t know what gets into people’s minds, but they tend to review something based on how they made it, not how the original recipe went.

If you see a recipe for, oh, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich you may see that it got one star. If you read the review it usually goes something likes this:

I really needed a PB&J today and I saw this recipe and decided to try it. I didn’t have white bread, though, so I used pumpernickel that’s been in my pantry for two months. I also didn’t have any peanut butter so I substituted mustard. I wasn’t in the mood for jelly so I went ahead and used corned beef. I was disappointed when I bit into my sandwich and realized it didn’t taste like peanut butter and jelly at all!

That’s not much of an exaggeration, either. Go ahead and read a few of the reviews. Some meals really do turn into something very different yet people still leave a review on the original recipe, anyway.

I decided to make a breakfast sausage, cheese, and potato casserole. In the spirit of doing what I complain about, I made a few changes. One, because the store didn’t have the sausage meat I was supposed to use and the other because I was far too lazy to shred potatoes. So I got frozen hash browns. I also scored a $30 food processor, even though I totally thought about putting it back on the shelf.

I made it, and it looked like this:

So I made a casserole. Usually I make a casserole in a 9×13 glass dish or the old Dutch oven. I don’t have a “proper” casserole dish. One thing I like to do is go around to different sites to see what stores offer what and if they have any in stock. I don’t think many of the big stores are really savvy to using their web sites for this. For example, WalMart’s site told me that they didn’t have any casserole dishes. At all. That’s not good for old WM if Target’s site lets me know that they do, because I’m far more likely to run over there than WM.

As it turned out, WalMart did have a casserole dish. “A” as in one. And it was an expensive Paula Deen one, which I wasn’t at all interested in. So, there you go. Brick and mortar stores really should pay more attention to what they have on the website and make sure the inventories are accurate. I don’t use web sites just to shop online and there are some things that I prefer to go to the store to pick up rather than have delivered.

I was all excited that I started getting my un-asked for horoscopes and now they’ve stopped again. I have to admit that it makes me a little sad.

It has been a very rough week for me. Work has been keeping me busy and tired, plus I’ve had a rough few days due to personal circumstances and forgotten memories popping to the forefront. I’ve been neglecting Facebook and Google+, along with my emails. Essentially, I’ve been working, eating (I stretched that casserole a long way), and going to bed. This weekend should be pretty busy if I can get remove my buttocks from the chair it’s planted in. Oh, and happy St. Patrick’s Day.