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There’s probably a bunch, maybe even hundreds, of people who wonder: What goes into an entry of the GoE blog?

Well, each blog post is carefully crafted and put together. It usually takes an entire week of thinking and writing to create each one.

Usually the process starts on Sunday, like today. I wake up super early in the morning and have a bunch of thoughts running through my head. If I’m awake enough to operate a computer, I start a new, untitled blog and start typing. Like now.

Mondays are spent trying to get back into the spirit of work. I’ll usually think of something interesting on the way to work, though, and think, “I should write about that!” By the time I get to work I’ve forgotten what that was. Sometimes I forget that I even thought that. When I get home I’ll feed the animals and then make myself dinner. Afterwards I’ll open up WordPress, open up the draft from Sunday and then stare at a mostly blank editing screen. Then I’ll flip over to Facebook and Google+ and see what’s happening there. Maybe play some games I swore I wouldn’t ever play again. Then I’ll go back to WordPress. Then I’ll close it because I can’t think of anything.

On the ride to work Tuesday I’ll usually remember what I was thinking of on Monday, mostly because it was something that had to do with awful drivers and the same exact thing happened. Again. I’ll rush into work, load up a text editor, and type in a basic note to myself and save it. When I get home I’ll think about writing it up and remember that I saved the note to my work computer. I’ll load up WordPress, anyway, and stare at a mostly blank screen.

For Wednesdays, I’ll start panicking and realize that I have absolutely nothing to write about. I’ll think about writing a short-short story before coming to the conclusion that I’ve got no ideas for one. I’ll play with the WordPress editor for a few minutes before giving up.

By night time on Thursday I’ll have a general idea of something to write about. I’ll fire up the editor and start typing it in. Then I’ll stop and wonder if I’ve written the same exact thing before. I’ll end up deciding that it doesn’t really matter if I did because it’s doubtful anyone else would remember if I had or not. And, really, how many people read this now? Not a whole lot. The mental spiral downwards continues until I think it would be so much easier if I were a three-named, suicidal alcoholic with a drug problem.

Fridays I lament having no friends and spending yet another Friday night hanging out with the birds and cat. Morosely, I stare at the mostly blank WordPress editing screen and decide to use the MSU method for coming up with ideas. MSU is a time tested journalistic method for the development of news stories; it stands for Make Shit Up.

On Saturdays I put the finishing touches on whatever it is I wrote. I’ve usually forgotten much of it, already. Then I make any separator graphics, if I need any. And, finally, I post it and send it out to the world.

And that’s how magic is made, baby.

Speaking of Saturdays, this past Saturday I decided not to sit around in the apartment all day. I grabbed the camera and decided to head south. I don’t usually go in that direction; when the travel bug bites me I end up going north or west or northwest. South seemed like a good direction this time. And, since it was gray and drizzly I figured Greune, TX (pronounced ‘green’) would be the place to be since there’s a tenuous connection to a New Model Army song called “Green and Grey.” It made sense to me, it doesn’t need to make sense to you.

I just did some ‘blog hopping.’ That is, I went to WordPress’ main page and just bopped over to different ‘freshly pressed’ blogs. I was the victim of morbid curiosity. Let me tell you, it was a mistake.

You see, I wanted to find another blog like my own; a tiny little thing in a big ocean, largely ignored by the world. I didn’t find one. No, I found blogs that were life affirming, which I don’t care for. I’m a miserable person and I’ll probably be miserable forever, unable to be happy or smile at strangers without them calling the police. But those blogs had a purpose and, as such, a large subscriber list and comments.

There were blogs that were in a foreign language, and that’s an attraction right there. Why bother reading about the feeble lives of people in your own country when you can stare at strange characters and wonder what the devil is going on there.

There’s always the photography blogs, of course. And the cooking blogs. And the this blog and that blog, and they all huge amounts of followers and commentators.

And then I happened across a blog similar to my own. It wasn’t about conserving energy, or saving dolphins, or anything like that. No, it looked to be a random amount of musings about various nothings; seat of the pants stream of consciousness. I was overjoyed! Finally, now I can do a little comparison and see how little known this blog was!

It wasn’t. Not at all. This blog had, approximately 700 more followers than mine has. And comments? Comments galore! Sometimes they even branched off to their own conversations.

And then there’s this, my baby. This little blog I started for the purpose of getting me to write something, anything, on a semi-frequent basis. And it goes nowhere at all. This sad, little, Gollum of a blog.

It’s not that I want to be famous, but I would like to be somewhat known. Or respected. Or famous.


This post is late because I left early yesterday morning to pick up my mom and head on down to San Antonio. We took a walk along the Riverwalk and it was nice.

We had breakfast at The Republic of Texas. It wasn’t too bad and looked really nice.

You can take a water-taxi and there are various stops long the river. You can also opt to take a tour on a boat, which is nice if you’re curious about the history of San Antonio and many of the buildings on the water front.

It’s kind of hard to go wrong down there.