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Hmm. When I post this it should be the day of Christmas Eve. My, how time flies.

I have an Android phone. I can’t say I’m particularly in love with it; it’s a tool and I use it as a tool. And sometimes it can really be a tool. One thing I dislike about it are the web browsers. It’s not the fault of the web browsers, though, it’s just the whole small-screen-small-keyboard thing. I find them difficult to use so I try and use apps for whatever reason.

They updated the Facebook app not too long ago. I have to wonder if anyone who wrote the app actually uses it. If I were to take a very serious guess I would say no, no they do not. There are two things in particular that annoy me with the Facebook app.

The first is that it changes the way it looks randomly. Sometimes I get my “Timeline” view and sometimes, more usual, I get the old Facebook look. That’s annoying, but nowhere near as annoying as the notification. They’ve changed it so it works the same way the web page does: a globe with a number of notifications is near the top of the screen. Touching the globe pops up a window with the new notifications. That’s all fine. If someone comments on a status update you touch the notification for it and it takes you to the status update and you can see people’s comments.

Now, take a picture and upload it to Facebook. Wait for a notification that someone has commented on your photo. Touch on the notification and you see… your photo, which takes up the entire screen. Look around for a way to view the comments. Do you see any way to do it? I couldn’t find a way. I don’t care about what the photo looks like. I took it. I uploaded it. I know what it looks like. I’m way more interested in what the comments are. So I have to go back to the main screen and filter my list to show just photos and then scroll down to where my photo is and then touch the  + button and then the comments button. Then I can read the comments. It’s such a time saver that I have to assume that I’m either doing something really wrong or the Facebook app developers have never used their own app.

I get a fair amount of spam comments on this blog. You never see them, hopefully, because I delete them. WordPress is pretty good at spotting them and putting them in a spot for me to review and delete. I think only twice has there been legitimate comments that were marked as spam. Most of the time they are very easy to spot and I have to wonder at the brain power of the people who wrote them. I know they’re all automated, but are they randomly composed?

So I bought my Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cups and I have to say they are a bit better than the Green Mountain ones. It’s kind of funny because I found out that Green Mountain owns Keurig. Or vice-versa. Either way, their own coffee is crap. Or I just don’t have the proper tastebuds to enjoy gourmet coffee. I don’t even see how they can be screwed up since, as near as I can tell, the cup consists of a paper filter and ground coffee. Next up: Starbucks.

But now it’s Christmas. Well, not right now. Right now it’s not around the corner; it’s past the corner and walking up the front steps. By the time you all read this it’ll be knocking on the door asking where all the eggnog is and then rooting through your bathroom cabinet.

For me, it used to be a fun time. It’s not so much anymore. It’s just another day in the year when I forget to send out holiday cards until three days before they’re supposed to arrive at their destination. I’m horrible with cards at the best of times and these– these are not the best of times.

I’m not here to bring you down, though. I’m here to lift  you up! After Christmas there’s New Year’s Eve and all you have to worry about there is figuring out which bottle of champagne to buy to bring to that party you were invited to (you were invited to). And then you’re free! FREE!

Until February, when, if you have a significant other, you have to start worrying about what to buy them.

Not that I’m all cynical about holidays. They do serve a purpose besides getting us to spend money to feed the corporate devils. They serve as a reminder that we have people in our lives and that they serve a purpose and fill a void and are important. Yeah, I know, you see your wife/husband and kids every day and you see your friends and you talk to your parents but do you really think about where they fit into your life all the time?

Hold them dear. I do. They may all think I drive around in my (admittedly awesome) car, going out partying every night, and living the high life and don’t have time to call or mail a card but the truth is far different. I sit in the dark not wanting to bother anyone and forgetting that holidays approach because I suck at being human. I think about them constantly, though; those living their every day lives and those lost.

So, for those who celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a very merry one. And I mean that, even if I don’t know you. I especially mean it if I do know you.

For those who don’t, I hope you have a good holiday of whatever it is you do observe. That may sound trite, but it comes from the heart. I don’t have much experience with, say, Hanukkah, but I hope it is as happy for you as it could be. If the point is to be happy. I don’t know.

If you don’t celebrate any holiday then I hope you have a nice day.

The next blog from me should come on the first of the new year. By then I should have my resolutions figured out.