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I forgot to mention something about the shoes last week. I forgot to mention that driving in new shoes is difficult for me. Especially big black ones. Those shoes in the photo are a size 15. I spent the time driving down town worried that I was riding the brake because I couldn’t feel what was going on down there. Now, I’m no race car driver but I do like to have a certain familiarity with the pedals in relation to feet. Once I’m wearing shoes I’m not familiar with I do all kinds of weird things, like really gunning the engine.

They have one of those Kuerig single serve coffee makers at work. There’s also a fairly large selection of coffees to select from, most being from Green Mountain. Lately, too, I’ve been drinking my coffee black and without sugar. At this point I would usually say something like, “I like my coffee the way I like my women! Cheap and readily available.” But that may give the wrong impression. I don’t consider myself a coffee snob. At home I drink store brand coffee that comes in a big tin, I don’t usually drop money on Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks bags unless I feel in a particular mood to spend a lot of money. Anyway, I’ve noticed that most of the K-Cup coffee is quite vile. Even the “flavored” coffees. I’ve tried “Eggnog” and “Gingerbread” and they both smell noxious and taste the same. The same as the non-flavored coffee. Maybe it’s just me. It does give me an opportunity to try one of these polls, though.

Hopefully that works. I guess I’ll find out some point in the future.

Skyrim has issues. Anyone that’s played a Bethesda games knows that and should be used to it by now. What I noticed was that the longer I played it, the slower the entire game became. It wasn’t so bad in the indoor areas, but outside my frame rates dropped and everything was herky-jerky. It wasn’t how I remembered the game when I started. So, when I finished the game I renamed my save folder and started a new game. Sure enough, my crashes went away and my speed came back.

Since I was starting anew, I decided to do things a bit differently. Indeed, as I was loaded up and weighted down with loot I passed by a house out in the forest. I walked over to the side of the house I saw an open window. So, being the cretin that I am I decided to take a peek. I saw a book laying on something just past the window. I picked it up and saw that it was one I hadn’t read so I took it. This pushed me over the edge, weight-wise, so I dropped an article of clothing I wasn’t using anymore. Just as I did that I saw a old woman walk down a set of stairs. She wore black robes that were glowing with a blue hue. Either a witch or a necromancer; either way I was no match for her. So I legged it down the hill.

As I was running like a coward I smacked into two bandits. I managed to dispatch one of them with my two steel swords, but I was close to death myself when I turned to face the other bandit. Then, over a rise, came an old lady running in our direction. Without stopping she cast a fireball at the other bandit, killing him instantly. I stood in shock as this witch (or necromancer) ran up to me and told me that I must have dropped something. She gave me back my clothes that I had dropped. Then she walked back to her house.

I had forgotten the incident as I played on and off. I got to the point where I bought my first house and picked up Lydia, my faithful, if sarcastic, housecarl. I was still kind of used to the old game where I was quite able to take care of myself. So I left Lydia in the house at Whiterun to do some errands. I passed the city gates and was accosted by three men who wanted to teach me a lesson. They did, in a fatal way, while the guards looked on making comments about the fight. I re-loaded the game and tried again. And again. Finally, I re-loaded then turned around and ran through the city gates again. I hoofed it to my house and begged asked Lydia to accompany me, like a big sissy. I walked through the city gates with Lydia, feeling like a young boy asking his older sister to walk him to school. The bullies attacked and Lydia made short work of them. As I looted the bodies I picked up a note. It was a note asking that I get taught a lesson for being a thief. It was signed by the same woman who I had stolen the book from. The same old lady who vaporized a bandit so she could give me back my clothes. Go figure.

And if you ask me why I love this game (and Oblivion and Morriwind), it’s for things like that.

I guess Zoey has entered whatever the bird equivalent of “the terrible twos” is. I’m very paranoid about ending up with a letter saying I need to get rid of the birds or move due to the noise they make and, lately, Zoey has been making a lot of raucous noise. The other day she started raising a ruckus and I went into the living room. I started to say that she needed to be quiet but she interrupted me with a very loud, very clear, “Shut! Up!” I didn’t know what to say so I ended up with, “You can’t talk to me like that!” And it all went downhill from there. I suspect if she wasn’t in her cage she would have stormed out the front door screaming about how nobody understands her.

Tooka, on the other hand, has been quite civil. When I start turning off the lights at night he even tries to say, “Nighty-night.” It still just comes out in squeaks, but that’s what it sounds like. Poor guy. He doesn’t even say, “Tooka!” anymore.

Junior, it seems, can’t sleep at night without being in contact with me. Usually he curls up under my arm. Sometimes he takes a corner of the bed and stretches out one leg until it touches my leg. Lately he’s gone to laying at the head of the bed, waiting until I’m just about asleep, and then sticking a claw in my ear. A couple of nights ago he started patting my face with his paw. He may have been trying to close my mouth and pinch my nose shut.

So, there’s my week. Saturday is the end of the week, even though it’s the beginning of the weekend. It really should be “weekends” though. Saturday is the end of the week and Sunday is the beginning of the week. It’s not really two days off in a row, it’s one day off followed by five work days and ending with another day off.  So, uh, enjoy your weekends!