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She stood by the cabin door wrapped in furs. Cold wind blew past catching her light hair. She could feel the cold on her reddening cheeks but not through the furs.
It was snowing again. This was not uncommon. Sometimes it snowed hard, obscuring the frozen lake. Other times, like now, it was light, the wind blowing snowflakes around as in a snow globe.
The sky was grey with clouds but that was fine. Darkness never really came here because of the snow and the clouds. Light bounced from one to the other, forever. That was fine with her. She had lived through more darkness than she cared for.
She was free from the demons here, in the forever twilight. Standing in the wind she felt alive. She felt free. She felt whole.
Free and whole, but alone, That, too, was all right. Hadn’t she always been alone? Even when surrounded by people, that was how she felt. The demons. If they didn’t push people away they made her feel unworthy of being around others. But the demons weren’t here and she had her memories. She could live with her memories of people until she could see them again.
The sound of the wind was joined by a loud cracking sound from the icy lake. She grinned at the noise. It had frightened her at first, waking up in the wooden cabin alone hearing a loud crack that seemed to shake the wood. Not now. Not with the understanding of what it was.
She went back inside to lie by the fire, to rest, to ease her soul. She would dream of the future.