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Paperwork. It’s all about paperwork. I’ve filled out quite a lot of it and, once again, I’m glad that I know how to sign my name. But everything is signed and ready to go. I even went through the bladder busting drug test. All that’s left to do is show up and do some work.

I’ve been filling up my time playing Skyrim. Awesome game. I’d go into the whole thing about why it’s wonderful, but if you’re really interested in you’ve probably already played it or read about it.

Somebody went and put another dent in my car. I have no idea when it happened. I guess it’s just gonna be a dent magnet, not a dame magnet.

That’s about all there’s been. So, on the one hand that’s kind of feeble, but on the other hand I just got a new job so I’m happy about that.

Still seems kind of short, huh? It’d look longer if I had made “paperwork” and “Skyrim” banners, I suppose.

Oh, so, anyway, I guess the titles will go back to the normal ‘whatever I think of’ titles. It was fun doing the “Unemployed” series but I’m kind of glad I didn’t take up all the zeros. I don’t think I’ll be posting every day, either. I’d like to write something once a week, though. Maybe I’ll write down my thoughts and put it all together at the end of a week and see how that goes. I like these to be of a medium length, at least. Not too short, not too long to fall asleep on.