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The day started suspiciously like yesterday, complete with half-crazed cat. It was a little colder, though. The lizard folk in the apartments below must be sluggish with the cold and haven’t yet stoked up their furnaces.

I prefer waking up cold. It sure beats waking up in a sweat or trying to sleep when it’s way too hot. Besides, when you wake up cold it’s easy to burrow under the covers and fall right back to sleep. Unless there’s a half-crazed cat around, laying in wait with ears flattened against his skull waiting for any movement to happen beneath a comforter.

To make the above banner I had to dust off the old Atari800 emulator and whip up a quick BASIC program. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly easy it was to do. I just needed a quick refresher on the resolution of the Atari’s graphics modes and it was done. I remembered everything else. But besides that, it was just plain easy. You can’t do that now, turn on your computer and whip up a quick program. You have to wait for the OS to load, you have to have some sort of programming language. If it’s a compiled language you have to wait for it to compile. There’s no more turn on and go.

Great for gam-- Education. Yes.

Besides that, I remembered that I had my Stelladaptor handy in the closet. The Stelladaptor is an Atari 9-pin to USB adapter. With it, I can hook up one of my Atari-era joysticks or paddle controllers to my computer, load up Atari800Win and play games using the original controller instead of a modern gamepad or the keyboard. Needless to say, it’s quite awesome. All I need to do to sink myself into a retro-colored past is to play some pre-1990s Rush albums.

The only bad thing is how badly I suck at the games that I knew I used to be good at. Age nibbles at me like a hungry mouse on an aged cheese.

Forget being nice, cooperative or keeping quiet about your true opinions. Whoever you’re with will work so very hard at keeping the peace that you won’t have to worry about it. Go ahead. Let it fly.

Well, it looks like I wasted my day. I could have gone around being the biggest jerk off on the planet and I would have gotten away with it. I’m such a phenomenally nice guy, though, that I wouldn’t have done that even if I knew there would be no repercussion.

So, it’s a short one today. I didn’t do very much besides take out the trash and close a bank account I wasn’t using (but was costing me money in fees). Then I watched a lot of DS9 and played a lot of old Atari games. God, I so miss those days. That won’t stop me from continuing to type, hoping to reach that five hundred word count so I can say I made it.