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Today is Halloween. Happy Halloween! It’s also, more or less, my sixtieth day without a job. But we’re talking about Halloween, the day when anyone can walk around dressed as something they aren’t and not get ostracized for it. I fully support this. I live on the third floor and, strangely, don’t get any trick or treaters. I don’t think anyone wants to bother walking all the way up here. I can’t blame them for that. Most of the time I don’t want to walk all the way up here.

And now it isn’t Halloween because I was too tired to write anything more yesterday. As an update: Nope, no trick or treaters up here on the third floor. What makes us happy? Really happy. You know, when you wake up and feel like whistling when you get out of bed. When every day is bright even when the rain is falling? My therapist keeps asking me if I’m happy. I’m not. This shouldn’t come as any surprise. The last few years have been extremely difficult on me. Not that I don’t have moments of happiness here and there but, in general, I’m not a happy fella. The truth is, I’m not sure if I can ever be really happy. I don’t know if I’m cut out for it. I couldn’t say I was fated for it. I’m not against trying, though. There are two things that drive me nuts in the land of science-fiction. The first is the use of the word ‘galaxy.’ A galaxy is a really big place. Really big. Not quite universe big, of course, but it’s still pretty up there. It’s about 100,000 light years across and 1,000 light years thick. A volume of roughly 7.85 trillion cubic light years. There are between 200 and 400 billion stars. So describing the Empire as a “Galactic Empire” seems a bit ridiculous. I don’t see any way that the emperor could control 200 billion star systems. The second thing is more prevalent and really maddening to me. Human: I’m hungry enough to eat a Rigilian snorklebeast! First, if they’re human why aren’t they hungry enough to eat a moose? Or just a snorklebeast? Why does it have to be a Rigilian snorklebeast? If I’m really hungry then I’m hungry enough to eat an elephant. I don’t actually care if it’s an African elephant or an Asian elephant; any elephant will do. It’s even weirder when it’s an alien. I would think that people would just choose examples from where they lived or served or whatever and not have to preface each example animal with where they come from. Overall, it just seems like a really Sci-Fi gimmicky thing to do. And I really wish it would stop. It happens in fantasy, as well, usually using different magical countries rather than planets. Yesterday I had to go downtown, where I had an appointment. An appointment with a company I don’t even know the name of, don’t really know what they do, and can’t find any information about. But I went. I’m not a city driver. I’ve refused to drive in New York City, I try and avoid city streets when travelling, and I try not to drive through Austin if I can help it. Yesterday it couldn’t be helped. That’s why I’m really glad I have a GPS unit in the car. I know some people hate them and I don’t understand it. You don’t need to use it, but it’s really handy when you do. Sure, they get things wrong sometimes but you can’t trust anything completely and have to use common sense every once in a while. If I turned right every time my navicomp said, “Turn right, NOW!” I’d be driving through more fields than I can count. So I use some common sense and understand that I should turn right when I reach the next turn. Simple. And, even though my navicomp can’t pronounce many words, I made it to the parking garage with too much time to spare.

Change is on the horizon — change of the most major kind. The good news is that you’ll be in charge of getting the show on the road, and that you’ll meet absolutely no resistance whatsoever.

This sounds promising. How far away is that horizon, though? Will I get a job soon? Will I meet my “dream woman?” Will I win the lottery? Will I finally find my salt shaker? I can’t wait to find out what this major change is, but I’ll probably forget all about these words when any of those three come to pass.