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I loved science fiction shows and movies when I was a kid. If it had a spaceship flying around then I was all for it. I loved space, I loved space ships and I loved space battles. I guess I still do but, as with most things, adulthood and increased knowledge has made me more aware of the dubious aspects of the space opera. Minor things, such as the physics of space ships flying in a void. I still like the whole thing, but it’s harder to suspend my disbelief sometimes.

Thankfully, I have little knowledge of physics and how things are supposed to work. Except in the case of computers, of which I know way too much. It’s impossible for me to watch a movie or TV show that involves computers without feeling a small part of myself die every time something ridiculous happens. Like when crime scene investigators zoom in on a blurry photo to end up with a crystal clear picture of a small piece of jewelry.

As an adult, though, I take a lot of pleasure of looking at what people thought the future might look like and how incredibly far off they were. I like to read old books and watch old TV shows and movies to examine them and their futuristic ideas.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was one of my favorite shows. I watched it religiously. I played the arcade game, which didn’t have a lot to do with the show. I even played the home versions.

Thanks to Netflix, I can go back in time thirty-two years (32 years?! 32 freaking years?!) and watch it again like it was the first time because my memory sucks.

Just to recap (and, just in case, SPOILER ALERT), Buck Rogers is an astronaut who gets tossed off his trajectory and freezes. Somehow. Five hundred and four years later he thaws out and, after meeting an evil princess, returns to an almost inhospitable Earth.

Buck is placed in the care of a talking Pachinko machine named Dr. Theopolis who sits upon the chest a short robotic servant named Twiki.

Who also doubles as a dubiously shaped sex toy.

Our first views of the 25th century are of a talking gambling machine and a self-propelled dildo.

Buck is introduced to his living quarters which are modernly sparse and quite white except for a huge device that takes up one wall.

There isn’t anything at first glance that gives us a clue what this thing is. Is it the household media center? Is it a powerful computer system? It’s got lights and buttons so it must be something really important. After pushing a complicated, if random, sequence of buttons the device changes to reveal its true nature.

A small bistro table with matching chairs. You have to wonder how a society, with a global energy shield, space ships capable of complicated space flight, energy based weapons, and talking robots can come up with such a complicated scheme for a small table. But it has buttons and flashing lights so welcome to the future!

Perhaps the scariest part of this first episode, though, is the legal system. In Buck Roger’s future all litigation is handled by a group of computers.

Or novelty clocks

I suppose it made sense back in the days of the late 70s to think that one day computers would take over many aspects of our lives. I still don’t see how it could be a good idea, though. Working with computers for most of my life I’ve become rather suspicious of them and expect a computer to crash or have problems at any moment. I’m guessing that the writers of the show didn’t have much experience with them.

All is not lost, though. In the 25th century world and empire leaders will abandon their old stuffy ways and adopt a new style of clothing.

The future is clothing optional

Now, I’m no prude but I find it difficult to believe that the leader of an interstellar space fleet will be wearing a bikini at official social functions. Not that I mind, but it is hard to swallow. The horny hat is a nice touch, though. It would make a viking proud.

There was one particular part of the first episode that I don’t think I’ll forget. Spoiler alert, etc. Buck Rogers puts explosive devices in the exhaust ports of the enemy spaceships. When the ships start to take off, they explode. The commander asks what’s happening and one of the lackeys says, “They’re simply exploding, sir!” I laughed. Head on over to the your local air base and start putting explosives in the exhaust ports of the fighter jets. When the commanding officer asks you why they’re exploding go ahead and tell him that they’re “Simply exploding” and see what kind of response you get. It’s just something that happens all the time, right?

Just in the nick of time, something fun arrives. This will give you plenty of opportunities to invest all your energy in an entirely different type of intensity: the pleasant, physical kind.

Well, this should be interesting. Especially since I don’t have anything ordered (that I know about). I wonder what it means. I suppose I’ll find out during the course of the day.

Nope, I can’t say that this horoscope had anything even remotely close to truth. Of course, I did take a walk around the lake taking pictures but I didn’t get my camera in “the nick of time.” I’m so disappointed.

Buying a washer and dryer was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It saves me from having to drive to the other side of the apartment complex, hope that someone unlocked the door, and worry about someone stealing my underwear while I’m away.

Even still, mysteries abound. Like today, for instance. I put in a load of socks and t-shirts into the washer. Neither t-shirts nor socks are well known for having pockets yet, when I started removing them the tub, I found a single penny in the washer that was not there when I put the clothes in. If this keeps up, I’ll have to work out how much I have to pay for water to make it up in pennies.

I usually use Windows Live Writer to write these, but it decided to crap out on me today for reasons I can’t figure out. Now I’m using the WordPress editor and find it difficult to get used to. It’s doubly difficult to just open it up to add things every once in a while, which is how I normally do it. Whenever something pops into my head, I type it in. Adding the graphics has been a bit difficult, too, and I don’t like the way the captioning is done. Overall, I’ve already had the editing page crash in Chrome. At least it saves my progress fairly regularly.

I should be on my way for shopping, seeing as how my dinner is still frozen and I need new pajamas. I reckon I’ll get to it in a few minutes. Perhaps I’ll find something fun and physical while I’m out and keep my horoscope from being a big fat liar. But it’s late and I should probably feed the critters before I head out.

And now I’m back from shopping and my dinner is still frozen solid. I guess I’ll have to microwave something.

I did take some pictures, though. Another moon shot, too.

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