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Yesterday I promised a friend to tell a story about fried eggs. And then I forgot, which is really unlike me.

A long time ago I went out to breakfast with my then-girlfriend. I ordered a couple of fried eggs and, since I didn’t care for runny yolks back in the old days, I asked for the yolks to be cooked through. When my eggs came they were sunny side up. I asked the waitress to take them back and that I wanted my yolks solid. She took them back to the kitchen and returned a short time later with eggs that were done over easy. I asked the waitress to take them back again. I said to tell the cook to, you know, break the yolks while they’re cooking. She came back with two eggs sunny side up but with the yolks broken.

And that was the big egg story.


I left the house today. I got some mail that said it was time to change the oil in my car and it came with a coupon. Since they owe me money anyway I figured it was time to run off to the dealership and get it done. There was no waiting since this was the middle of the day.

On the way home I stopped for a haircut since I have a meeting on Monday. I remember when getting a hair cut meant sitting in the chair for a half hour or so while scissors and combs spun around my head. These days it just means a few swipes with the clippers. I’m not sure when that started but it kind of sucks. At least now, when someone asks if I got my hair cut, I can say, “No, I had my ears lowered.”

After that it was a short trip to Starbucks for some coffee and thinking. I didn’t get much thinking in, though, and it was cool enough outside to drink rather swiftly. So I went home.


Personally, I feel as if I’ve spent too much time on “Star Trek” and its offshoots. I’ll be cutting back on writing about it. You may be feeling happy about that but I have bad news: Netflix now has 33 episodes of Buck Rogers available for viewing. You may not remember that show. You may not be old enough to have watched it. But I do, and I am. I watched it religiously when I was a small child and I haven’t seen them since they aired sometime between 1979 and 1981. I can only imagine how much fun I’ll have with it. If you’re lucky I won’t be able to watch them anymore, much like I have a hard time watching Automan, which I also loved.

Television - 2 Broke Girls

Speaking of television, I’ve had the opportunity to see two shows that I used to watch in the 90s thanks to the magic of videotape. One is Herman’s Head, which I think I talked about already. The other is a short-lived show called Woops! which was about a small group of people that survived an accidental nuclear war. It was a comedy, lasted for either ten or eleven episodes, and was quickly forgotten by history. I enjoyed it, though. With any luck I’ll find someone that still has episodes of Doctor, Doctor.

I’ve been watching 2 Broke Girls lately. Two women working together in a diner. One was rich but found herself suddenly poor when her father was arrested in a botched Ponzi scheme, the other is a lower class person who has always been in financial difficulties. The twist here is that the (ex)rich one is the nice, if somewhat clueless, one. Toss in a horse and more sex jokes than you can shake a stick at and you have 2 Broke Girls. It’s an okay show, I laugh when I watch it, but I’m really glued to it because I can’t believe they allow most of those jokes to hit the air. I expected the first episode to be pulled from Hulu as I watched it. But it appears to be soldiering on and I wish them the best of luck.

You see, I don’t like kids shows that much. I can watch them but I don’t find them particularly enjoyable (except for “Disney’s Gummi Bears" and God only knows why. I’ve been known to break out in the theme song every once in a while despite the death threats). What’s worse, though, are adult shows that watered down just in case a child walks into the living room while it’s on. I fully understand the hesitancy of the networks, what with the FCC sending out fines left and right even though that’s a power they should not have. And there’s the small group of people who put up a tremendous fuss for anything they think will break the moral fiber of society, who I can’t stand. Worry about yourselves; if a TV show is going to change you because you have a weak will, then change the channel. Turn off the TV. Read a non-violent and asexual book.

The End

And that’s all I have for today. The animals are fed and now it’s time for me to ingest some nutrients.