I would love to own my restaurant, as long as I wasn't allowed to cook for it, run it, or manage it. I'd rather trust that to someone else. I have thought quite a lot about owning a restaurant and have, what I think, is an awesome (if gimmicky) idea. It would be named "Capt'n Mooneye's Tavern." I think I would need permission from James P. Blaylock, though. I could be wrong there.

I had decided that if I ever owned a something like a "second hand" store it would be called "The Store That Sells Stuff." I figured it would be great fun for people to call information and say, "I need the number for The Store That Sells Stuff." I imagined operators all over the country would love me for it.

If I branched out to other products, like books, the name would reflect that. Like, "The Store That Sells Books." Yeah, I would like that.

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