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What a sense of accomplishment you get when you set out to do something and you do it. It doesn’t even matter if it doesn’t work quite like how you expected it to. Or wanted it to. Even if it doesn’t actually completely work. But that’s okay because after you finally wrestle the problem to the ground you get that sense of accomplishment back. In fact, it’s better and the less something works right the first time the more opportunities you have to feel that sense of accomplishment over a course of days. Or months. Or years.

Yesterday I didn’t do a lot besides set up a Linux server. I can’t think of anything more dull to write about so I didn’t. I mean, internally, it can be fun. There’s nothing quite as fun as doing things are completely unnecessary but doing them anyway. Like setting up more than one VirtualBox instance, installing Linux on all of them, then doing remote desktop connects between them. Or folder shares. Or a whole bunch of ridiculous things. In the end, though, it’s good for me because I get to learn about a whole lot of things about setting up servers and configuration files and all kinds of stuff like that. All the kinds of things you probably aren’t interested in.

In the end, though, it’s nothing you can put on a resume because nobody wants to hear that you teach yourself stuff. What a shame. But then there’s a bunch of companies out there that have denied themselves a great worker. An awesome worker.

“Hold the boat, there!” you yell out. “Is this guy using adjectives that ‘great’ and ‘awesome’ to describe himself? Where did that come from?”

Indeed. There are few things that I am not great at doing. One of them, though, is self-promotion. I really am quite humble. I’m also getting older, and that means speaking my mind more often with little regard to caring about what other people think.

One thing that I’m really good with is computers. There isn’t anything that I can’t do with them if I set my mind to it and that’s because I know the secret of this computing devices. If a company were to hire me tomorrow to do something I’d never done before, I’d probably be proficient by the end of the day.  If I don’t know it, I’ll learn it. And there is nothing so difficult in the world of computers that it can’t be learnt. There isn’t a person out there, though, that’s going to take that kind of risk.

As long as I’m being frank, I have a lot to offer that special “one” out there, whoever she may be. Few women, though, have the desire to find out who I am. Again, that’s their problem. If I need to be someone else to get your attention then I don’t have the patience for it. Getting older, remember.

But enough about me. Wait. It’s my blog and it’s all about me. To continue on to something different…

One thing I like to do is grab random things from the pantry, like packaged foods, cook them up, eat them, and then check the expiration date. It’s fun and adventure without ever leaving the kitchen, unless it’s for a quick dash to the bathroom. You never know what you might find and the time spent wondering if you’re going to die, be sick, or be just fine is exhilarating.

Challenge of the day: Write a Star Trek: Voyager episode that does not have time travel (or dilations or disruptions etc), holographic characters that have become self-aware or involves a member of the crew being locked out of operations by an alien with no knowledge of the ship. Also, do not use the word “multi-phasic.”