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I’m playing around with PHP and MySQL again. It always amazes me how I can follow directions down to a ‘T’ and things still don’t work right. It works right for everyone else, just not me. That doesn’t make any sense to me, but I always manage to wrangle it into a working condition despite everyone else telling me it won’t work. So if you want to try and tell me that the universe works the same way for everyone, well, you’re not going to convince me.

People don’t like to hear this, but it’s true: there are times when I am uncannily dense. This sometimes happen when I’m coding. Like today, for instance, where I kept spelling a word wrong. I spent a lot of time wondering my Chromium wouldn’t load a page and it finally dawned on me that I had spelled it wrong. So I fixed it. And it still wouldn’t work. It took me a while longer to realize that I had to change the name of the file itself, too. So I did that. Then PHP kept giving me an error. I went through the file in the editor, up and down, and finally found the error. I fixed it, saved it, and it still wouldn’t work. I kept making changes and it kept giving me the same error. I ended up commenting most of the code out and still got the same error. Back and forth I went, nearly losing my mind, until I realized that I kept saving my changes to the old filename.

I read two articles about lawsuits today. For one, a woman is suing the distributors of the movie Drive and the theater she saw it in because she didn’t think there was enough driving. In the other, a woman is suing Continental and all associated parties because her 20 minute flight turned into a two hour flight with turbulence. Now, I’m not a woman but it did give me an idea. I have decided that I’m going to sue Dodge, Chrysler, Fiat, Detroit, and Canada because my Dodge Challenger SRT 8 392 is actually a Dodge Challenger SRT 8 391½. Because of the mighty marketing machine decided to misrepresent the engine size I feel that when I drive it I am being made a fool. This has given me an inferiority complex, PTSD, post-partum depression, post-holiday blues, pre-marital jitters, and PMS. This is not at all a frivolous lawsuit.

In the “Star Trek” universe there are only three kinds of music: Jazz, Classical, and that horribly futuristicy music that plagued the 1980s show, Buck Rogers. Evidently there is no place in the future for guitars or drums in popular music. The only time they had music that sounded vaguely interesting was when some kid was rebelling and listening to Klingon music and it sounded like modern heavy rock. Most sci-fi shows suffer from the same ailment, though. I guess nobody has no idea what music may sound like in the future so they cover by using slow synthesized music and throw those “light ropes” around. The same lighted ropey things that, incidentally, were used to fuel the ships in Buck Rogers.