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There’s this game I have on my phone that I use to pass the time when I need something relatively quick to get into but don’t have time to fling annoyed avians into porcine enemies. It’s a word game that I got because I figured it would be good for sharpening the mind and increasing my vocabulary.

Nice in theory, but bad in execution. Anyone who has talked to me for more than a few minutes knows that I have an extensive vocabulary but this is a game that makes me feel like a complete fool.

You see, the object of the game is to take the scrambled letters at the bottom of the screen and re-arrange them to form as many words as possible; words with more than three letters and up to the amount that it gives you. You can’t proceed to the next level unless you figure out at least on word that uses all the letters. The more words you can make, though, the higher your score.

Finding the longest word is usually not a problem. It is, actually, usually the first word I figure out. After that, I go along and find as many words as I can. When I run out I hit the ‘mix’ button which re-arranges the letters at the bottom. I do this hoping it will jar my memory or, hopefully, actually spell a word I need.

Some games contain all the words in the dictionary, even if it’s a word that’s not generally used. For instance, unless you’re a lawyer, when is the last time you heard ‘res’ used in a sentence? I’m guessing never. I don’t mind not figuring out words like that.

No, it’s when I’ve completely exhausted any rational ideas I have about words that I get annoyed. When I start using made up words convincing myself that it is, in fact, a real word. Sometimes it turns out they actually are words but, usually, they aren’t.


Then I finally give up and hit the ‘end’ button and all my blank spaces are filled in. With extremely common words. Words like, ‘art’ and ‘see.’ That’s when I feel like a complete idiot, especially if one of those words is a part of another word, like ‘articulate.’ And it almost always happens. Many times a word that I got in the last game is one that I’ll neglect to put in during the next game.

I’m steeped in the old world. That is, if you consider the ‘old world’ to be Marx Brothers, Blondie, Ma & Pa Kettle movies and Three Stooges episodes. Also, old comic strips figure heavily into my formative years. And if there’s anything those old entertainment mediums taught me is that being unemployed is the perfect time to be at the park feeding the ducks. I’m not quite sure why that is but I guess it’s something to do besides going home and letting the other members of the household know that you are a bum. It’s cheaper than going to the movies every day, I reckon. I’m not up to the point where I’d like to spend my time feeding ducks.

I’ve been seeing a bit about people protesting something on Wall Street. I’m not sure what everyone really wants but I’m all for a good protest. I suspect, though, that they have an issue with the super-rich. Why can’t people give the ultra-wealthy a break? They have a difficult life, just like everyone else. After all, they have to find personal cooks able to whip up a Samundari Khazana curry at a moments notice, or decide which caviar to buy for the next dinner party, or have their brain frozen trying to decide if they should take the Bentley, the Rolls Royce, or the Maybach to the airport for that meeting in their private jet.

I don’t remember if this was covered in Galaxy Quest or anywhere else, but why did none of the important chairs in Star Trek have seatbelts? Not even the shuttles had them. You’d think with all the ship shaking and people being flung all over the bridge and heads being slammed into consoles somebody would suggest putting in some kind of restraint system. Even Captain Janeway, who knows just about everything about everything, can’t figure out that the amount of injuries would be cut down quite a bit if a simple three-point harness was installed on the chairs. They wouldn’t have to be worn all the time, either. Even if they were only worn during times when they knew that some Enterprise shaking was going to happen would cut down on the amount of bodies flying around.

I think I may make combining the weekend blog posts into one as a regular thing. Taking the time off seems to give me a little bit of a recharge.