Today I am using Linux. I need to continue my experiments with SQL databases, PHP, and possibly a smattering of Javascript. Can you think of a better way of spending a Sunday? I sure can’t. In general, I prefer KDE 4 over Windows 7, but there are a few shortcomings.

The biggest downside is that I can’t use Netflix. Netflix uses Silverlight, unlike the rest of the world which uses Flash. Linux support for Silverlight is a bit behind the times, I guess.  Anyway, that leaves me with my ever growing Hulu queue and Amazon Prime, which I consider incredibly confusing to navigate and use.
Hulu’s big problem is having to watch the same three commercials over and over. Usually they’re the three stupidest commercials ever concieved by a pack of brain dead babboons. I’m not a big fan of commercials. Some of them are clever; some of them are funny. Most are just incredibly stupid.
I went shopping today. Just needed a couple of simple things. My grocery store’s re-modeling efforts are going on, still. For the first time in the six-odd years I’ve been going there I couldn’t find what I was looking for. The first time. It was almost two things because they decided to move the cat food again. That, at least, I found on the second circuit. It may be time to change stores.
I’ve decided to give Voyager a rest and start watching Red Dwarf, which is way funnier. 
Unfortunately, I don’t have much more than this. It’s been a slow day, as was yesterday.