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I wanted something sweet today. I’ve taken myself off sweet things, you see. But I wanted something sweet and to have it I figured I’d better work for it.

I went to the Wild Basin Reserve. I’m not sure what’s reserved there, but I guess it’s general wildlife. It’s a nice place. It’d probably be a lot nicer if there was any water in Texas. There’s supposed to be at least one creek and a waterfall. Oh, and a pond.

I think they closed the pond off. I’d be surprised if it’s still there. I know the waterfall isn’t. That was kind of a letdown. Unlike other parks, though, this one isn’t covered in trash. It may not have had much of a creek, or a waterfall, but it sure had a long, steep, uphill climb. I worked for my sweet today. Probably almost died for it. That, my friends, is hyperbole. Please don’t panic.


I found out a little while ago that Steve Jobs has died. I’m not going to gush about him; I never knew him and didn’t particularly care for him. But he’s been a part of my life in way or another since I was a kid. I even lusted after an Apple ][ until I had the opportunity to use one in high school. And, yes, that’s Apple ][ not Apple ][+, //e, //c or GS. After my high school programming class, though, I realized that I liked my Atari 400 a lot more than the Apple ][. Since my life revolved around computers until sometime after high school, though, I was always aware of him and always knew what he was up, whether it was Apple, NeXT, or not buying BeOS.

It’s neither here nor there, though. It’s another puff on the dandelion of life, another fluffy seed pod blown away in the breeze. Another reminder that life is finite. Another reminder that I don’t need. I’m not happy to see him go and I do feel for his family and friends, even though I don’t know them either.

But life goes on. It always does. Steve Jobs work and philosophy will be around for quite some time, influencing the future.