When I lived in a house, washing the bird cages was a fairly easy task. Let the bird out, put ‘em on a perch, take the cage outside and then hose it all down. After a bit of drying time it was all done. That can’t be done anymore. I practically have to get inside the cage to clean out all the junk and poo that ends up at the bottom. And getting all those tiny fluffy feathers off the sides is a real hassle. I do it, though, because it needs to be done. I just wish I could miniaturize the cages so I could stick them in the dishwasher.

This morning I woke up and shambled into the kitchen to make coffee. I fumbled around with the box of coffee filters and realized that I was running low on them. At the time I thought I was using my last one. Then a horrible thing happened: I thought to myself, “I may not be all out of love, but I am all out of coffee filters.” I would repeat this to myself multiple times while making coffee, feeding the cat, and feeding the birds. I kept on repeating it until I poured my first cup of joe and sat at the computer. That’s when Air Supply started looping through my head. It’s not the way I would recommend starting the day.

After a few hours of being awake I fell asleep. Not that I was tired or anything, it was just pure boredom. I decided that something must be done so I took out the French press and saw that I did have one filter left. It’s the one filter that gets stuck to another one and then you peel them apart and just toss the extra one into the cabinet somewhere. Right. So I got the French press out, and the Café du Monde and made a cup of coffee so perfect it refused to allow light to pass through it.


That’s when I went on the cleaning spree. Bird cages, vacuuming, dishes, and other things that weren’t concerned with the oodles of boxes I really need to consolidate and dispose. And writing. I didn’t do any of that, either. Except now. Because, really, I’m still pretty wired from the coffee this afternoon. I didn’t have just one cup, you see. I had more than that.

And that’s how I spent my Sunday. Brewing a black hole.