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I finally broke down and bought a new camera. The moment I finalized the purchase I suffered from “buyer’s remorse” and spent a lot of time deciding that no matter how good the camera was, the nut behind the lens would make a hash of it. But I took a few test pictures and I think it does make everything a bit better. But, hey, you take a look.

Old Camera

New Camera

disgusting-pink-bathroom Bathroom-Remodel
IMG_0081 the bird man 023
IMG_0086 bird woman
IMG_0078 liono6

As you can see, there is some improvement even though I’m a complete amateur.

So I took the camera to the lake because that’s the only place nearby that’s even moderately picturesque. Frankly, I’m bored to death of the place because I’ve walked around it so many times. But for testing out a camera it seemed like a good place to go. I wanted to get there around sunset to get some good colors in the sky. Since one of the prime reasons for getting a new camera was for low-light shots that would also serve my purposes.

First I had to take some shots with water in it because I like water. The bird was a bonus, as was the rock.

Then the sun began to set and I got a few pictures of that, too. I played around with the camera settings to get the special effects. Mostly they weren’t needed, though. My favorite part, though, was using the zoom to take a picture of the moon. The sky wasn’t as dark as it should have been, but, wow, it looked awesome through the viewfinder.

The rest of the pictures can be found here, if you feel like perusing them.

As for the low light part, I took a picture of a bunny without a flash and it came out visible. It would not have with my old camera or my phone.