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The trilogy is finished. I have to say the last movie wasn’t too bad. In fact, I can only say that the Trade Federation robots still acted silly, but they didn’t have a lot of speaking parts. I was also really happy to see Jar-Jar only had one non-speaking appearance. It must have been hard to refrain from having him go into histrionics and knock over the casket and stuff. So this whole Star Wars prequel trilogy thing has kind of fizzled out. Perhaps they learned from their mistakes of the first one?

I am a nice guy. People may think being a nice guy is easy. It isn’t. I worry about things that I say because it may offend someone, or annoy them, or make them sad, or feel worse about themselves. It’s hard for me to turn that off and say, hey, deal with it. Writing this blog has its downfalls for just that reason. Sometimes people take issue with the most innocent of things. Even my Facebook statuses are subject to scrutiny and manage to give the wrong impression. All I can say is, deal with it. Get to know me then figure out what parts are serious and which parts aren’t.

Words that were insulting years ago have come in vogue as being “cool.” Just the same, I don’t like being called a “nerd” or a “geek.” They offend me. I’m just a smart guy working with technology, just like I always was. It’s not my fault it took so long for the rest of you to catch up. That’s why, when I see someone call themselves either of those things, I have to wonder why. To me, it’s like saying, “I have no life and live in my mother’s basement.” Not something to be proud of. Besides, I know what a geek is.

I’m not a huge fan of “LOL,” either. Sure, it’s handy when somebody says something and it’s funny but you don’t really have a good retort. Just toss a “LOL” in there and it keeps everyone happy. But some people have decided that it’s some kind of new punctuation. I’ve seen things that look like this:

“I went outside waring my new hat LOL It was quiet windy out and the wind blowed it off my head LOL Sum guy on a bench ran after it LOL He ran into the stret and was hitted by a bus LOL Blod was averywheree LOLOLOL”

Part of the problem is that I give voices in my head when I read. By the time I get to the second ‘LOL” the voice in my head sounds like a lunatic. If Usually I correct people’s misspellings on the fly, but if I read them as written then it really sounds like someone is on the Insanity Express headed for the padded wall hotel. Yet again, it’s something that should be used in moderation. And, I can’t stress this enough, it shouldn’t be used after something that isn’t funny.

I had a dream this morning that I was petting my cat. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a dream that mundane. Usually I’m dreaming about demons or water fixtures bursting or looking for someone or, quite frequently, running away from something. This was so normal it shocked me awake. When I opened my eyes, Junior was sitting on my night stand (or what I use as one) and staring at me. Is he really that needy that he needs to invade my dreams to get a pat on the head? No, of course not; he’ll do anything in his power to wake me up so he can be fed. He just knows what will wake me up. I’m all right with him licking my palm or putting his claws in the back of my skull (slowly, very slowly extending those little stickers) but I have to draw the line at metaphysical activities.

Sometimes I make myself sick. I find it difficult to spend money on things that I would like. Everything needs to be justified, decisions must be made, I have to weigh the worth of what I want. If I want more than one thing at a time my brain goes into overload and shuts down. For example, lately I’ve been wanting a few things and trying to decide, not only should I get one of them, but if I should just forget all about all them.


For instance, I wanted to get a satchel. Not just any satchel, though, but one from the Saddleback Leather Company. Why? Because I want something I can carry a camera, my notebook, and maybe a bottle of water around with me. Something that would be less bulky and have easier access than a backpack. It’s also expensive, but it should last me for the rest of my life. An added bonus is that it looks like something Indiana Jones would wear and, hopefully, not at all like a man-purse. What reasons do I have for not getting this beauty? It’s expensive and I have a cheapo camera that’s not worthy of such a mode of transport.


But if I had a nice camera, now that would be something. I could carry this around and at least look like I knew what I was doing. Perhaps I would even learn a thing or two about photography and find a whole new world of hobby things. Why wouldn’t I get a nice camera? For starters, I’m not really a photographer; I like to take pictures. Also, it’s expensive and if I bought a camera I wouldn’t (in my mind) be able to get the satchel to put it in. Now it’s a “chicken or the egg” thing.


I can, then, say to Hell with those two things. I can upgrade my computer. Buy a six-core processor and a new motherboard. Maybe even throw in a new video card. But my computer doesn’t really need upgrading. I have four cores now which aren’t really used, except when I use Linux. I have enough memory that a lot of isn’t even used. My games all play fine, although that may change when Skyrim hits the streets. So… aside from the “wow” factor I would get I can’t justify this either.


Those of you who know me might be saying, “Hang on… Aren’t you the one that bought a car on impulse?” I may have said it was an impulse buy, making light of it. But the truth is, there was a very specific reason for getting it. Did I need that particular vehicle? Nope, I suppose not. Either way, if I didn’t have a reason (and, boy, did I agonize over that one for a long time) I wouldn’t have done it.

For what it’s worth I did buy the camera. I even spent the extra $4.00 to get it on a Saturday. So… yay me! Now, how am I going to get that satchel? But I’ll be getting the camera tomorrow (UPS willing) so who knows what awful thing I’ll be subjecting you all to in the coming days?