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I don’t have a lot of bad things to say about Attack of the Clones. I watched it and was ready to take notes on everything that annoyed me, but there was precious little. Overall, I think it was a better movie than Phantom Menace. Certainly there was less stuff that I would edit out.

So, let’s hit the problems.

Problem #1: Flying R2-D2

This was just kind of stupid. He’s not even aerodynamic.

Problem #2: Anakin Skywalker (and Hayden Christensen)

I’d never seen Hayden Christensen in anything before this movie. I don’t know if it’s Lucas’ fault or not, but Hayden Christensen was completely awful in this movie. Well, of course Lucas was to blame: he directed it. Perhaps he was trying to keep a continuity with the first movie and the horrible acting of Jake Lloyd. I don’t know.

But he had a thankless task because the sad truth is, Anakin Skywalker is not a likable character. He is no longer the young and annoying god-like child. He is not a likable person who falls from grace. He is a dick. He acts like one, he talks like one, he seems to go out of his way to make sure he’s as annoying and arrogant as possible. We’re not sympathetic to his fall from grace because we look forward to it; look forward to the movie when he finally gets whacked.

I find it hard to believe that was the intention. If it was, it was bad. We should feel sorry for Anakin, feel his pain and his reasons for turning to the Dark Side.

My guess is that the audience was not trusted with the knowledge that Anakin has some issues and will eventually turn. His anger and frustration has to be thrust at the audience. We have to be hit over the head with it until he looks like a colossal dirt bag at the expense of having any feelings for him.

And the bad acting doesn’t help.

That’s two down and one to go.. Unless I decide to go over the changes made to the first three films. I’m not sure if I even want to do that.