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Day twenty-five of my extended vacation. It doesn’t seem like it was that long but I have to say I think it’s done me quite a bit of good. I feel more relaxed, less unsure. I still have a hard time sleeping sometimes but that may be something that requires more time. Of course, being unemployed means not having to worry about schedules.

I can stay up all night and sleep all day. Or mix it up. I live by myself and don’t work – the world is my mollusk of choice! I can eat a whole package of cookies, dine on donuts, get drunk and throw pillows at my TV. I don’t have to brush my teeth or even shower. I can wear underwear on my head and talk in a funny voice. There’s nobody to offend, nobody to tell me what to do. I have freedom! Sweet, sweet, freedom!

I don’t do any of that, though. I’m an extremely boring person. I try to sleep at night, I try and eat proper dinners, and I don’t drink very often and, even then, nearly never when I’m home alone.

Friends have told me that I should make sure to get out so that I don’t become peculiar. I think I may need some peculiar in my life. I just need to figure out what kind of peculiar.

The point where Windows Live Writer will no longer serve my needs is approaching. I may be starting to outgrow WordPress, in terms of what I want my blog to do. I’m starting to have a plan about this and now would be the perfect time to work on that.

Before I do that, though, there is a more pressing matter. I think there may be some people who think I’m coming down kind of hard on Star Trek:Voyager. I do enjoy the show, I just can’t help noticing certain things. But now I have the Star Wars collection on Blu-Ray.

I love Star Wars. The real ones. I wanted to like the new ones. I really did. I tried to like the new ones. But I can’t. I really, really, can’t. Starting tomorrow, probably, or sometime this week I’ll be going through everything I think is wrong with the new movies. I won’t be doing it to be funny. I won’t be doing it to be mean. I’ll be doing it because they could have been a whole lot better. I will be forcing myself to watch these turds in the hopes that someone will read them and heed what I say and… I don’t know. Not make them again?