I’ve had a busy day today and haven’t had time to write. Tomorrow will probably be the same way, since I have a trip planned.

But before I go to bed… I have a lot of email addresses. Tons. Most of them I’ve forgotten about. But I still have a Yahoo! one that I check from time to time. I noticed that there was an ad the last time I looked at that inbox. It was separated into three different pictures.


I understood this. It’s an old guy. He has muscles. It makes sense.


I understood this one, too. A woman with some wrinkles. Sure, she may be in the market for some wrinkle cream. No problem.


This one I don’t get at all. Not a bit. If anything this picture will keep me up trying to figure out what it has to do with sleeping. Is the “odd trick” to give someone a ponytail? In the middle of a field somewhere? I’m sure I don’t know. I’d like to know, but not enough to actually click on the link.

Anyway, I’ll probably be on a break tomorrow. But, you never know, I may be inspired later on in the day. There’s no telling.