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Kate Mulgrew was on Warehouse 13 the other day. It’s been a few years since Voyager and she is looking a bit, uh, older.

But that’s how it goes with human beings and time and one of the reasons why, I think, computer graphics will be welcomed once it reaches the level that can accurately portray a realistic person without looking weird.

I like Warehouse 13, in a brain dead kind of way. It’s fun, doesn’t require too much brain power, has some nice steam punk elements to it, sometimes. But, if I had my choice of cancelling Warehouse 13 or Eureka I would’ve signed the death warrant for Warehouse 13. Nothing personal.

Today is the day the “Lonesome Road” downloadable content for Fallout: New Vegas is supposed to be released. It appears that Microsoft Money has prevailed, again, as the XBox 360 version is available while everyone else has to wait. I really enjoyed the other “expansions.” In truth, I’d be happy if they just kept releasing more DLC for it, like the expansion packs for Dungeons & Dragons. I guess that’s the beauty of Bethesda releasing the mod tools for FO:NV, as long as there are talented people out there willing to add stuff. Not that I wouldn’t look forward to a fourth Fallout title, though, especially if it’ll use the same engine that Skyrim will use. I’m assuming it’ll look great. I put myself in a media blackout for Skyrim.

The advent of the Internet has, I think, caused a general lack of patience when it comes to the release of games and movies. As soon as something is announced people go nuts wanting it right now. Back in the days of print magazine there was always a few months lead time between an announcement and when the information hit the print. The time between finding out about something and seeing it wasn’t quite as great. Since I like to be surprised about some stuff I like to make sure I know as little about something as possible. Hence, the self-imposed media blackouts.

Since I’ve been doing these unemployed blogs my readership has gone up from ten to twenty views a day to between thirty and sixty a day. I’d like to thank all the people who have “liked” and subscribed since then. I appreciate it and it really gives me the spirit to keep going. I realize that even 60 views a day is pretty small potatoes compared to, say, “Aunt Sally’s Bottle Cap Blog” but it’s still something to me.

After reading through some job descriptions it’s becoming clear that I’m going to have to learn Java. I’m off to a good start; I already know how to operate an instant coffee machine. I don’t know if that’s the proper way of doing Java but, like I said, it’s a start. I also have a French press. I’m not to keen on the idea of getting a civet but if that’s what it takes for real good Java then I guess I’m willing to try it.

I’ve enabled the Google+ +1 button. You now have the power to imbue my blog posts with magic! You can assail your enemies with a +1 Post of Civet Droppings. 

I reckon I’m going to post this up now. I plan on spending some time this evening going down that “Lonesome Road,” even if my sniper rifle doesn’t appear to do much. At least I brought my anti-material gun with me.