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Today was amazingly uneventful. I slept for almost all of it. I’m thinking that the lack of sleep over the years and the sudden lack of any kind of responsibility lately has made my body decide that sleeping would be a good thing. I’m feeling okay with it.

When I bought the replacement scratch pad thing for Junior it was actually two pads. I used the one and then put the other away. Now I can’t find it and I need it. Normally losing something in a tiny apartment should be impossible. But I also can’t find my salt shaker. I have a pepper shaker which I don’t use because the pepper I buy comes in its own shaker. I know exactly where the pepper shaker is. I’ve come to the only logical conclusion there can be: someone has snuck into my apartment while I was asleep and stole them. This needs to stop. What I need to do now is set up a series of lethal booby traps to stop this nefarious person from stealing my objects. I’m currently drawing up plans to install a giant rock that will roll out of the ceiling and block the door. The pressure plates are giving me some trouble, though. I may have to speak with my downstairs neighbors about dropping their ceilings a couple of feet.

I wrote this as a response to someone on another site and I’m going to reproduce it here because I’m lazy and it fills up space it’s poignant and probably other words I don’t want to look up:

Ehhh… I think the golden age of RPGs was before 1990. Wizardry, Ultima, Wizard’s Crown, Alternate Reality, Temple of Apshai — yes, the game that came with a book so you could read the room descriptions. They were games that were trying to be pen & paper RPGs on the graphically immature (now) systems.
I also think Elder Scrolls and Fallout have ruined me for gaming more than anything else. I like being able to wander around, taking the occasional pot shot at a ghoul or super mutant. I find myself wandering around looking for good places to take a screen shot. Then I sort of just move on to whatever quest I have next, if the mood takes me. Right now I’m re-playing Fallout 3 for the umpteenth time waiting for Lonesome Road to be released. I’m as far as I can go in FO:NV until that arrives. And, frankly, I think they could just continue to release DLC for FO3 and FONV for eternity, like D&D expansions, and I’d be happy. So, obviously, I don’t think games could ever be too long.

I never cared about multiplayer. Well, okay, Doom was fun on the LAN. As was Unreal. But that was more about playing at work when we weren’t supposed to be. Oh, and MIDIMaze was great, too, for a while. 
If you’ve played video games since the first time you saw Pong when your mom brought you to the bar she worked at (you used to be able to do that) then you know the word "original" never really applied to the video game market. It took me 30 years to realize that most of the early games on the Atari VCS were arcade ports, I had just never seen the arcade versions. Sure, you’d get original games — it was probably more likely back then because it was early and nobody really knew what would catch on — like Burger Time or Dig Dug, but a lot of games were just a modified idea of the Space Invaders theme for a long time. And Space Panic, for some reason.
The funny thing is, imagination was a big part of early gaming. When the kids would complain about the graphics on the XBox or PS2 I would actually go into a whole long speech about how, in my day, we had to read a novella to get us mentally geared up to understand that the square pixel block was a knight. That we had to use our imagination to enjoy that left pointing arrow to be a sword, slaying that big duck which was actually a dragon. We didn’t have orchestrated music, mmm, no, we had "bleep" "bloop" "blips" which, somehow, transformed into music in our heads. But you could walk into an arcade with your eyes closed and *listen* and know what games they had there, because they were all still unique.

I hope you all got something special from that.

That’s not too bad for sleeping all day. I guess it’s time to change my tissue box shoes and beat rocks against my bear skin.