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It’s time to really buckle down and start cleaning up stuff. My plan for the day is to go through more boxes, get rid of stuff I don’t need, and re-box stuff that I don’t need but might still want at some point. Then those boxes go into the outer closet. I’ve tried to figure out ways of re-arranging the bedroom to get more space but the weird shape means that no matter what I do it’s going to be quite cramped in here. I really need to vacuum in here but there’s not much space to do that, either. Oh, the calamity!

I’m just about done with the laundry, though. One of the best things of living alone and having your own washer and dryer is that you can do the laundry naked and get it all done. The only time this doesn’t work is when the UPS guy comes by. That hasn’t been an issue lately.

I’ve always wondered if the writers of Star Trek: Voyager were aware of the hypocrisy of Captain Janeway? She has no problems telling her underlings that they can’t go against the prime directive but then, an episode later, she has no problem deciding that she should be the one to bring stability to the Delta quadrant using the same methods that would have gone against the Prime Directive in the last episode. Did they do this on purpose or did they just lose track of what was going on?

Speaking of Voyager, it’s not a bad show but it has the same problem that all the other Star Trek shows have: lack of consistency. Stupid stuff, like being able to repel an attack by a powerful enemy ship with minimal damage to the Enterprise and then being attacked by a rinky-dink space pirate and being disabled. Or being able to destroy a ship in one episode and then having the weapons to be completely ineffectual in another. Then, in “Dreadnought,” they can’t shoot down a smart missile because Torres made the shield impenetrable to all known weapons. How is that even possible? And wouldn’t she have done that to all the Maquis ships if it were? And then wouldn’t they have been indestructible? It’s one thing to write for the sake of the story, but they really should have settled on some rules for their universe. Maybe even read some of the previous scripts to make sure they weren’t contradicting themselves too much.

These things probably aren’t that noticeable when they’re watched one a week, but when you watch three or four in a row, well, they kind of stand out.

I was a kind of fan of Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman. I enjoyed her writing style and my wife enjoyed a few of her recipes. Then she wrote a book and I got all jealous because everyone reads everyone else’s blog except for mine. So I tapered off on reading her blog.

My mom gave me her book for Christmas, I think. That is, I think it was for Christmas; I’m quite certain she’s the person who gave it to me (thanks mom!). Because of my diet, it’s been safely locked away where I can’t get to it. I’ve been thinking about it lately, though. I wonder if I shouldn’t make one meal a day from her book and then blog about it. I had thought about doing it for Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook but, because of a lack of available ingredients in this uptight, scared, nanny-state country and a certitude that a movie wouldn’t be made about it because Nanny Ogg is a fictional character, I had to give up that idea. But Ms. Drummond is a real person so perhaps a movie like Julia & Julia would still be possible. Also, I’m getting bored with my dinners.

Boredom is playing a large role in my life right now. This isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, today it prompted me to go through more boxes and do some more sorting. I cleared enough space to vacuum some in the bedroom and, for good measure, I did the living room. I also did some light carpet cleaning. It wasn’t long after that I realized that I wasn’t bored anymore and I’d be more than happy to sit down and do nothing for a while longer. Vacuuming and cleaning a carpet gets a whole new meaning when you have large birds and no side skirts for the cages. These birds are not neat animals and the floor becomes littered with food and toy debris. Thankfully, they are not monkeys and don’t fling poo all over the place. Unless they’re flying around, but that’s a whole different matter.

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