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The problem with having a brain like mine is that genius ideas go whizzing through so quickly and frequently I sometimes forget about things that I wanted to talk or write about. Or pick up at the store. Or put my pants on before going out to the car. That, my fiends, is the curse of the super genus.

One way to capture all these fleeting ideas would be to have some kind of recording device; either an old school tape based gadget or a memory based voice recorder. There’s probably an app on my phone that I could use, but trying to use it while I’m driving may be disastrous.

The thing is, I feel very self-conscious when talking into a device, especially if there’s no one on the other end. I feel silly. And then, playing it back, I have to come to the understanding that I’m listening to my voice, not some other dork’s.

Well, I literally have nothing left. It’s been quite a dull day, even if I did do laundry and go grocery shopping. I know! What could beat that? I don’t know.