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It was bound to happen at some point. After all, eleven days of writing without a hitch, well, you can’t expect that to last forever. I’ve run out of  things to say. For the moment, anyway. You’ll all just have to deal with it.

I didn’t have any dreams, I woke up normally, I made my coffee and fed The Trio. I thought I would watch the latest movie that Netflix had sent me, Limitless. It sounded like an all right sci-fi thriller kind of thing. I figured it would wake me up.

It did not. After 30 minutes I was ready to get back in bed and sleep for another few hours. I wish that I had found this movie earlier when I was having trouble falling asleep. Instead, I decided to try and stay awake and see if it picked up in the remaining hour and fifteen minutes. So I figured I would update my Linux system. I run Gentoo so all the updates have to be compiled from the source code. I found myself watching the scrolling text of the compiler to be more interesting than Limitless. Even the fight scene was so unexciting I blacked out for a few minutes. One thing that was handy was the overuse of the voiced over narration. It was possible to turn around completely, watching the wall, and still know what was going on because everything in the movie is narrated. Like an audio book.

While the movie was going on I thought I would look at some of the user reviews at different sites. I found that the majority of people had rated Limitless quite highly. Their reviews included words like, “fast paced,” “exciting,” and “mind bending.” I wondered if maybe I was watching the wrong movie. You know, like how you think you’re renting the latest blockbuster movie and it turns out you actually rented a low budget movie with a very similar title. But, no, I was watching the same one. I finally decided that everyone else’s DVD player was busted and playing at 1.5x or 2x the normal speed.

After that I left the house and did an errand. I also made sure I sent Limitless back because the DVD itself was emanating waves of lethargy. When I got back to the apartment I promptly fell asleep for a few hours. Now I’m awake and telling you all that I have nothing to write about. And, really, how could I? I did just about nothing so nothing is what you get.

Tooka loves tortillas. I used to use little pieces of tortilla to get him to go back in his cage when he wouldn’t cooperate (all the time). I don’t like the idea of giving him stuff like that, on account of fat, calories, and everything else, but considering what some people feed their birds it’s low impact. So, he loves flour tortillas and he loves them so much that now, when I put sunflower seeds in his treasure chest, he runs inside the cage and starts looking around his food bowl for the tortilla pieces.

Zoey chatters away. Every once in a while she’ll break into song, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” is the only song she knows. I kind of missed the old days when she’d sing “Twinkle, twinkle, STAR!!!” Now she kind of sings it right, although she still missed the word ‘little.’ In the past couple of days she’s even started on the second part, “How I wonder what you are.” She’s not quite there yet and tends to leave words out. But, one day, I reckon she’ll get it down.

My dinner’s been made and eaten. Right now I would seriously maim someone for some ice cream. Ice cream loaded with a bunch of crazy crap – brownies, nuts, chocolate bits, strawberries, cherries, cheese cake, cookie pieces, and candy bar bits. But I don’t have any and I’m not going to get any. One day, though, I’m going to say to hell with the diet and make a huge bowl of mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes loaded with butter, cream, salt and pepper. And then I’m going to make a huge bowl of chilled potato salad, loaded with mayo and crisp celery. Oh yes. Someday. I think the last time I had potatoes is when I had breakfast with my mom at the Blue Bonnet Café a few months ago. Months. MONTHS!

Now I’m regretting sending Limitless back already. I could use it to put me back to sleep until this ice cream and potato attack subsides.