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Deary Diar,

I must have been particularly difficult to wake up this morning. Junior used a new method, which was to jump on my chest. What makes this weird is that there isn’t anything for him to jump off of, and it felt like he jumped from a very great height. Also, the way he landed would mean he jumped from behind me, which is nothing but wall. This is yet another mystery that should not be pondered. It didn’t help my mood any, though.

After careful consideration and planning and wondering what I could and could not afford, it struck me this morning that I never took unemployment benefits into account. In fact, I had completely forgotten about unemployment. Weird.

I am swearing off Star Trek today. I fear that I’ve heard the word “multi-phasic” so many times that it’s going to enter my vocabulary. Thus, today will be a “Star Trek-Free Day.” I would watch one of many other shows that I like, but I have a hard time keeping track of what runs during the fall/winter and what runs during spring/summer. To make it worse, Hulu will only be showing some shows after the season is completed. This means that Hulu will get much less viewing time from me from now on because I simply won’t keep up with it. Maybe it’s better to wait until the shows hit DVD so I can watch stuff without seeing the same damn commercial over and over. What would be more fun is if you could leave comments about how incredibly stupid most commercials are. For instance, Unilever has a commercial for Dove which implies that men have only started using soap since the 1980s. Really? I’ve been using soap all my life and I’m in my forties. I’m not sure where they’re getting their information from. Of course, I may be misinterpreting the message but that means the advertisers have not done their job. Also, I don’t care enough to pay attention.

For me, it’s been an interesting few months music-wise. Yes and The Cars had come out with new albums, both of which sounded like “classic” versions of  their respective music styles. A bit odd in Yes’ case because it doesn’t have Jon Anderson on it. The Cars, meanwhile, sounds like they sent someone back in time to retrieve material. Then I see that Stevie Nicks also had a new album. I haven’t heard much of it but the album cover looks like it’s straight from the 70s. Night Ranger also had a new album. I didn’t know they were still together. But I can’t bring myself to listen to it other than Amazon’s short previews, so I’ll just assume it’s regular old Night Ranger.

Speaking of cancelled shows, I can’t believe Eureka has been cancelled. There hasn’t been a TV tragedy of this scale since Firefly was given the axe. Or maybe it was the ax. Either way, it was an extremely crappy thing to do but it does just point out the fact that if something is intelligent then it isn’t for the masses. Personally, I would pay money to be able to watch Eureka online if my money went to production of the show. I would even be willing to watch commercials if that were to help. Screw the networks, go independent and online.

Since I only watch shows online there is something that really irks me about most of them. I’m not sure why every episode of a show requires a really long re-cap of what happened during the last episode, or what happened in the entire series. I’m sure I’ve written about this before so I won’t harp on it but, really, is everyone that lacking in the memory department that they need a recap from last weeks episode? And it’s way worse when you watch two or three episodes at once online (or, I suppose, on DVD).

It looks like I will be going grocery shopping today. I’m running out of paper plates and probably a few other things. I’m okay with grocery shopping except that I tend to forget at least one thing. If I write a list then I’ll forget to put at least one thing on that list. For instance, since I’ve been carbo-free for so long I thought I would have one of my favorite dinners which is: frozen burritos, sour cream, enchilada sauce, and grated cheese. I know frozen burritos don’t sound very appetizing, but when you make it with all the above stuff it’s not bad and, to be brutally honest, I think a lot of Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants do it that way.

Anyway, I wrote down a list on my phone and went shopping. I knew what I wanted for dinner, I went and got the stuff for my dinner and, even though I had it on the top of my mind what to get, I checked my list. Then I got home and wondered what happened to my frozen burritos because I couldn’t find them. Surely I bought them, I thought, since that was the entire reason for going shopping. I looked at my list to see if it was crossed off. No, it was not. It was not on my list. So there you go: my brain doesn’t function.

Most of the time I enjoy shopping. It gets me out of the apartment, I’ll usually treat myself to a ridiculously overpriced coffee while sitting outside and writing. Or checking Facebook and Google+ on my phone, just in case anyone has anything to say about me. Which is rare. Sure, sometimes there are some mindless people wandering the aisles. But it doesn’t take long for me to get what I want, especially since I’m fated to not get at least one item. See how it all works out? The only downside is that the Starbucks that I frequent is not in a picturesque spot. It has a view of a parking lot and a toll road. There are other, nicer, locations but not right next door to a grocery store.

So, shopping was a success. I actually got everything I went for, including a few other things on account of them being free. And you can’t be free. I had my cup of decaf while avoiding the cricket brigade, ruminating on my life and what I’m doing (or not doing) with it. Now I’m home, alone.

By the way, if you read these and like them feel free to comment or even share them around. Toss the link to people. I don’t mind, that’s why I write the things.

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