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Dear Diary,

Today started rather early, but that’s to be expected since I went to bed so early. I have considered going back to bed but that would be a prime time to remember any dreams that I may have. I don’t know that I could handle more dreams of kittens, fading through walls, multiplying in numbers until I am brought to the edge of madness. Their mewling crosses the boundaries of time and space, seeping through the fabric of dimensions; the fabric that keeps the otherworldly things at bay.


Dreams can be funny things. You can have knowledge in a dream that is not otherwise made obvious. Lately I have dreamt of my father. I see him, I talk to him, I interact with him. However, I never see him first. There is someone who points him out to me, directs me to him. The person who always alerts me to my dads presence is my wife. But I never see her, exactly. I don’t hear her in the normal sense. She is there, but in an indistinct way. I just “know” that it is her, “know” what she is saying to me. On at least one occasion I followed her through a crowd but never caught up to her. I do not understand this and it disturbs me.

I suppose dreams have always been a point of contention, with some people feeling that they are meaningless images being processed by the brain and other people believing they are a bridge to another realm. Certainly, I do not know the definitive answer and I tend to bounce back and forth between the two ideas. It would be nice to believe that I can see, hear, and talk to loved ones after they have passed away. But, as in all aspects of my life, I never fully believe or disbelieve – I hang forever in a balance.

I have watched nearly all episodes in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s seven seasons. With an older eye I see that a lot of it is quite ridiculous. It could only be more ridiculous if they had slapped a couple of nuclear powered turbine engines on the Enterprise and appended ‘-o-rama’ to everything. Still, it can be an enjoyable distraction. I won’t be speaking in Klingon any time soon, though.

Having a series end can be sad if it was something you were really interested in. Of course it’s best when everyone has an idea the show will end rather than a sudden and last minute decision. Shows end for a variety of reasons but I’m guessing that the most common one is lack of interest, which causes a lack of revenue. Then the studios figure there’s no sense throwing good money after bad and the whole thing ends.

I’m still banking on a future where computer graphics will be advanced enough so that computer animation will look more lifelike and less cartoonish to the point where it will be nearly indistinguishable from live action. This will be a good thing on many levels, most of them having to do with money.

If I ever have my way, I will raise all the counters in my living space by three inches.